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I've personally had a profile at for quite a while but never quite dove in to expand my network. I'd like to open a discussion sharing ways to build our Linkedin profiles to their most productive capacity. As many of us are well aware that the network is utilized by asset managers. What tips can we offer to grow our exposure and contacts.

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As a newbie myself the only suggestion I have Nick is to join groups in your area of expertise.
They send out questions etc. to the group which allows you to network on a more personal
level and find out what others are doing.
Thanks Linda, that's good advice.
Nick-In my experience the best way to increase your network is to, like Linda said, join groups and then post discussions of interest on a consistent basis. When folks start reading your discussions they will reach out to you. If you try to reach out to folks you don't know they will archive your request or click that they don't know you which can freeze your account. A word of caution is to remember it is not necessary to accept every invitation you get. Here is my link: Carlos Silva LinkedIn
Hi Carlos, I reviewed your profile on linkedin and will like to add you as a friend. Is that okay with you?
I been reading this website for 2 months and decided to signup today.

Nick connect with some of your co-workers and friends that are on linkedin, then have them give you some reviews. Also, you can expand you network by connecting with their friends.
Please send me a private message. Thank you and have a great day!
Johnny, reading for 2 months and just signed up....and it's free! What took you so long?


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