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Does anyone have suggestions on how to get in touch with their REO department to apply as a listing broker and/or what platform they use?  I was told by a contractor in Central FL that they are good company to sign up with. Thanks for your assistance. Inbox me asset manager if in a non-competing area and I will do the same of my contacts. 

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They use Equator and LPS for invoicing

Thanks on Equator and used LPS already for invoices. I guess i will keep trying via LinkedIn

Their platform is Pyramid Platform, a heads up they require weekly inspections and pictures on all their assets.  They require you to pay all their bills, no matter how much and they only reimburse once a month.

Thanks using Pyramid now with Selene and was for Resolute. I know Shellpoint is a partner of Selene but I was hoping from some listings directly. 

An asset manager that I used to work with when I was an AM, myself, is now at Shellpoint. They instructed me to get on Pyramid and Equator. I'm on both, but haven't had any inventory come my way, yet. Hoping things pick up, though.

Did you pay for the Elite on Equator?

I haven't. Is it worth it?

Cynthia did you get any REO'S when you got the Elite on Equator

I did  not pay for elite. I constantly get emails from Nick at Equator. I will not give my hard earned money for  that.   They dont guarentee you any work.

I have paid for elite and in 2016 spent close to $1300 I have not recieved any REOs

Wow. Big investment. 
Almost no agent receives REO from Equator. By accident I got one but it was almost 2 year ago,

Know nothing about ELITE.

Is there another platform that is a better investment?


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