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Does anyone have suggestions on how to get in touch with their REO department to apply as a listing broker and/or what platform they use?  I was told by a contractor in Central FL that they are good company to sign up with. Thanks for your assistance. Inbox me asset manager if in a non-competing area and I will do the same of my contacts. 

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wow   that's depressing.... I just signed up for a bunch of zips. Guess I better not hold my breath  : (

Do you have the signup link for Shellpoint?  I tried but couldn't find the signup link for listing their REOs.  TIA.

I also do reos for Selene. They pay every 45-60 days

Do you have the Selene signup link?  I couldn't find it on  TIA.

Do you have the Selene signup link?  I couldn't find it on

Sign up for the Pyramid platform. 

How do you like resolute? I loved them when Lina Piedrahita managed the operations. 

They use Equator and their link is....  

I hope that helps you.

Shellpoint was using 2 different platforms. Great company to work with.

Received several REO's from them. 


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