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Opinions needed please -

What do you think is the best Short Sale designation these days;

 CDPE, SFR, CSP, CHS (HAFA) or another?


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In my opinion CDPE and PCS  are the best designations out there. They really inform you and cover almost everything in the short sale process.

Best of luck

Thank you Jose - you are the best.  I so enjoyed meeting you at REO EXPO!  Linda

Any comments on the Certified Default Resolution Specialist (CDRS) certification?


Hi Crystal - I have not heard of that one.  Can you share a web link?


I know this is a really old thread but, I was wondering Linda did you end up taking any of those certifications? If so, what did you think of them? I am asking because REOPro has partnered with a education platform and we are now in a position to offer our own training courses and short sales are one we want to start with. Maybe you can give me some perspective.

Jesse - I took both the CDPE and SFR - a long time ago now. SFR was a waste as the "instructor" made it a general attendee bull session. There didnt seem to be any set outline to the course. (I have avoided taking any classes with that instructor ever since.)

CDPE was ok but the gist is still - follow the instructions of the lender/servicer/third party negotiator and submit borrower financials and a bpo over and over again as often as they want it for months and months on end.

I am now only dealing with short sales preapproved by an investor servicer that I am already dealing with prior to their acquistion of the note. They do not require my intervention to get financials. I didn't need any class.

I am working on REOPro's short sale training course and I have to admit, it's turning into a "do what you are told to do in the instructions received from the lender" type of course. It's killing me but, that's what it's turning into. Any suggestions?

No Jesse, I never did take either one of these courses.  Now the market has changed in my area and we have very few short sales and few foreclosures (but lots of defaulted property!).  So I am back to working traditional, non-distressed real estate.

You don't need any designation because clients don't know what they mean. Just have McFerran & Burns law firm do initial consultation & you will all know the right thing to do. Foreclosure, deed. In lieu, loan mod, short sale, etc. Laws are state specific go to
To see if they are in your state or they can refer someone to you.

In my area SF Bay area all homes have exceeded historically high. No way someone is underwater unless just refinanced again.

There are rarely opportunities for those realtors wanting to apply their trainings.

Here is my honest opinion of all designations in general. They are a waste of $$$ just show clients by your actions what you can do! Just do it! There are so many free classes available that are really informative there is no need to pay for online license renewal classes.


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