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It seems like lately the BPO companies are having shorter turn around times. On top of paying less for orders.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed that.

Just as recently Goodman Dean had 3 orders available in the afternoon and wanted them back by the morning of the third day. I remember companies giving a full 72 hours from the time the order was accepted. 

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Old Republic often send rush orders wanted two days ago because no one wanted all these days. 

It will bug you hourly they want 24 hours from days ago.  I filed a protest and a real person will inform you that was robo eMail.

Main Street Valuations is probably the worst for this although I did just get a check from them the other day!

How much do they pay for each bpo? I have not worked with them for years.

Goodman Dean exterior was still $50. A lot of the other companies are between $35 and $40.

Why would anyone waste their time with BPO's unless you had a volume inventory of REO's with the company? This ain't 2007!

BPO's have been and are still a great way to help pay for the costs of being in real estate. They also help you know your market, the current inventory and how to properly price a property and the cherry on the top of the ice cream sundae here is that you get paid for your time, when there is no guarantee that you'll make income when working the traditional side of real estate. It works for those that know how to work it. REO's are a bonus and because you work with banks and not homeowners or buyers that tend to be emotionally attached, this niche industry has lots of upsides to it. Plenty of folks still do BPO's but not everyone appreciates them.


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