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As you know this Realty Pilot launched has been out for awhile.
While I am still patiently waiting for any work sending out to my area.
Can subscribers show their hands what they have Rec'd? How many rec'd BPO, listing or a solicitation email? 

Please INDICATE your State and area. Thanks

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I have not taken the leap of faith to sign up for Realty Pilot. I have been trying to sign up with more companies & am very frustrated with all the fees these companies are requiring. I keep checking back to see what is happening with Realty Pilot, hoping for some good news. From what I have read on this site, the program has not gotten glowing comments, which I was really hoping for. I too would like to hear from the members who signed on. Please keep us posted with your experience.
Nothing here. In fact only 1 BPO has been ordered in my state of Wisconsin. Not sure how long I will pay for nothing.
Nothing here yet, just 15 BPO's in the state of Virginia with 1 vendor who currently doesn't need new agents.
I've only joined a week or 2 ago, but I'm not impressed. In the State of Georgia, there's only 1 company doing BPO's? And one of the banks I already do work for, every listed asset manager in R/P had either bad email addresses or had nothing to do with REO's (one responded saying he was only a loan officer and to remove him from the database).

And out of the 15 or so I've attempted to sign up with, not one has returned a phone call or email. But I was able to sign up with one company with their on-line application.

I still think they have a great product, and a very daunting task to go national. There are still bugs to work out. Just not sure it's for me....yet. But I’ll keep plugging a way at it, signing up with one or 2 management companies each day as time permits. Maybe I'll find an active company in my area.

I signed up the first day it was announced. Membership is free first 30 days and one pays a moderate membership fee.
I did get very quick response on a membership question. So they have people manning it.

Like Steve Adkins says I also notice about 10-15% of company links do not lead to anything meaningful. As for asset manager email I have been told almost all companies can not go direct and need to go through the former admission, training process before consider a untested agent.

I am in the vibrant South San Francisco Bay. You either get bulk of the REO business or you are small potatos. The seasoned REO agents (typ with ~20 years in default business) are letting assistants go right now.

They seem to have a nice platform. I don't believe all big guys will jump into a standarized format. The lawyers will make sure the form meets the company's needs.....

When YOU POST indicate what State and AREA you present. Thanks
I signed up and was going to cancel before the 30 day free trial period. However, with the holidays upon me, I forgot about Realty Pilot and was charged once. I cancelled immediately after that.

This program is not for me at this time. Way too many companies asking for monthly dues, sign up fees etc, with little results. Maybe I'll re-consider joining at a later time, but for now, I'm investing $30 somewhere else.

Sam, I'm in Los Angeles, CA.
Nothing here in Southern California. I canceled this weekend.
I received a bpo which I completed through Realty Pilot (BREO was the company on Realty Pilot requesting it). Did it when I first signed up in November and still NO payment. I have emailed Realty Pilot and BREO numerous times with no resolution. First BPO in years I have not been paid for.
Hi Brigitte,

I tried following up with BREO as well and I can't get a call back or email. Sorry.
Realty Pilot announces a new client, PMH Financial, providing broker price opinions (BPO's) to real estate agents using Realty Pilot BPO Traffic ControllerC. The BPO's will be primarily from PMH Financial's Portfolio Acquisition Department assigned to areas such as Arizona, New York, Colorado and Florida. Real estate agents can sign up on Realty Pilot's platform at to receive BPO assignments from PMH Financial. Realty Pilot is a software development company providing work flow management solutions for the real estate industry. Their systems range from BPO management software, Smartphone applications to full scale solutions with the agent and broker in mind.

Another benefit coming your way as a REOPro member
Hey all - I'm in the Central Valley (Fresno/Madera) in CA. I've been signed up with Realty Pilot since shortly after they were announced and still haven't seen or received anything. I've paid 2-3 months and am a bit frustrated. I know new things like this take time to build and am sure eventually it will take off but right now I'm not sure if I want to keep going at this rate. I went through the "help" and guess a manual to see what more I could get out of it. I entered the bpo's I had at the time to utilize the platform thinking It will help me keep track and be better than the excell spreadsheet I have. Wrong. I ended up deleting them. Uggghhhh!
I am excited about Realty Pilot and have invested a few hours attending webinars, getting familar w/ their system, and $$$....need some reassurance that our investment will pay. Waiting on my RETS to be set up...not RP fault my local MLS provider stated it will take up to 2 weeks..and they are sticking to it.

Once RETS is set up and I can test run this system is what I am looking forward to.

Please comment if you have used the system and how it worked for you.


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