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As you know this Realty Pilot launched has been out for awhile.
While I am still patiently waiting for any work sending out to my area.
Can subscribers show their hands what they have Rec'd? How many rec'd BPO, listing or a solicitation email? 

Please INDICATE your State and area. Thanks

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Can you contact me advise me what RETS is and what is supposed to do? Somehow I missed it.
From the posting I started it is kind quiet. I am in SF Bay(south bay).....

I do get a lot BPO requests from other companies wanted interior on those pending short sales. Yes, there is a lot of activities
with established firms. This is actually my most expensive membership investment other than E&O insurance.
Nothing for me.
Thanks for the info on Realty Pilot. I suspected that they were just another phishing site seeking to gain your money and your contact information. These companies are a dime a dozen and are just preying on wannabe BPO/REO agents who don't know how else to get into the biz.
Please keep the Dialogue going....
I see 1 posted used the platform for doing bpo.
Just spent over $1X00 on MLS membership, key etc.... Realtor association paid member dropped 33% from 2006.
Wonder how long we need to hang in there before seen some results from friends here....
Nothing going on with Realty Pilot in Central Minnesota. Maybe it is just to cold.

Gosh!!! I was really hoping RP would help me really put the smack down in my area for BPOs and REOs but after reading all this i'm very hesitant about joining. I'm tired of becoming a member of all these dang promising companies with no return. Guess i'm going to old school it and bribe the AM by taking them to dinner. I don't know of any other way of growing in this business.

If anyone out there knows or has a hookup with BOA shoot me a email. They are huge in my area because they handle all VA and 80% of the REOs in my area are VAs. Any a help would be great. Thanks


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