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mass email looking for agents.  requirements are a course for $ 79.00 to make you a better agent.  think my 13 years as a local agent should be enough

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You don't have to do the course and they assign REO listings. 

my error............just getting a little tired of all the hidden fees for our labor

Course is not mandatory and they are one of the better companies to work with.

thank you

I've been with them for a while, no REO but some BPO work. I never took the course. I actually was going to drop them because they only paid $40 and I rarely got anything from them. Then they emailed me 2 years ago saying I needed to update my profile. I told them to drop me because their fees were too low. They replied that I could negotiate the fee so I updated. Since then I've gotten quite a few from them, at a higher fee, and they've become my favorite BPO client. They are very easy to work with.


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