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Single Source Transfer of REO Properties to Nationstar

Dear Fellow REO agent!

I need your help, and many others might be in the same boat. A month ago Single Source send out an email stating that files were being transferred to Nationstar. But Not to worry they were keeping the listing agents:0)

Well, two weeks later I still have the properties, paying the bills, etc. Now no seller/Lender!


I called the REO department of Nationstar first day, I had to leave a message. Begged Single Source, without a tear:0(

Now, I'm asking you! Does anyone know what's going on? Or have direct contact with Nationstar?

I'm a new REO agent and that was my only three listings active. Plus I have offers being written.

My Broker will have my butt! He hates REO.

So, please let me know before I'm bald:0)


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I am in the same situation, I have heard nothing yet. 


I just heard today after begging everyone. I'll send you my contact, but might be differant if your not in Califorinia

Please, don't give my name. I can't deal with anymore stress. But happy to save you some.

Glad to see this forum works:0)

Maybe, you should e mail me direck for information.



I hope all is well with you. I'm in the same situation. If you could send me nationstar contact that would be great. I won't say who I got it from. email is Thanks so much for your help!

I deal with both, haven't been affected yet.


Nationstar uses Equator--so if I was in this same situation, I would make sure my Equator profile looked good, and more importantly that the listing zip codes were in Equator for all current listings. 

Just to make sure that if Nationstar is looking for you to re-assign--you're visible in Equator.

Thanks..........I added my profile a month ago, without knowing. Just received contact information this morning. So hoping it will go smooth!
I just received an email that my about to close listing is being transferred.  So, what is the complete story.  Is Single Source doing SOME or is everything going to Nationstar? Do I need to apply with Nationstar to get more listings????
I had the same problem, but got a new contract from nationstar after the second week.

It took me about a month:0) But all set now. I guess they were over loaded with files. 500 transfers.

I hope, Single Source is okay:0)

Hang in there.  I had an REO with Res.Net and it was also transferred to Nationstar.  The asset manager with Res.Net said Nationstar would contact me.  Several weeks went by and I finally received an e-mail last week asking me to accept a listing assignment through Equator.  


I always thought that Single Source and Res.Net were two unrelated compnaies; however, about 3 weeks ago I learned they may have some kind of business affiliation.  The asset manager for one of my Res.Net assets sent me instructions to get repair bids for the property.  The instructions contained a comment that if repairs were over $5K the asset manager would have to get 2 bids from their national vendors.  After submitting my bids, I received a call from a contractor that said he was instructed by Single Source to provide a repair bid on my REO assignment.  I thought it was kind of odd in that I always thought Res.Net and Single Source were two unrelated companies.  Do any of you know different? 

Noooooo...they are not related at all.  USRES and are related.

No, I don't think there related. My Single Source business has dropped way down. I hope it picks up soon. I love doing BPOS, but only getting one a week from SS now. I have gotten everything I need in the transfer now.

Just trying to work my way around Equator. And hoping I can sell my over priced REO listings.

Resnet is simply the platform Single Source was using. The asset manager would have been from Single Source.


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