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Has anyone else seen a drop off of Single Source BPO work? I know they merged or bought out Imortgagesservices.  They were one of my main BPO companies and I haven't had a report from them since March.  Just curious if anyone else has had this happen. 

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They require you to pay for an annual background check. I refused and they deactivated my account.

Check your account status. They were sending a lot of orders. Not for me anymore. LOL.

I am not paying for another background check. 

Yeah, I know about the background check.  I don't mind paying for it because it can be used with a handful of other companies that belong to REVAA, at least 5.   I was wondering if maybe I failed to do it, but I checked and did in on 3/12/2016 and ironically my last report from them I submitted on 3/11/2016 (no, I do not have any background issues).  So I guess I will be calling tomorrow.  Of course I can not remember my password and the forgot password link does not work. Frustrating to say the least. 

HI Vicki ,


I just reconciled the last 1/2 year of my BPO business and I have only received 7 bpo's to date from them . I am a high volume agent  with a quick turn around time so this has me wondering as well. They are not just a BPO mill -but actually assign listings -if the client chooses to sell.

Right now I am wondering the same thing about Good man dean. Do you work for them? I used to get apx 3-10 orders a month from them and they just stopped since Nov 30 2016...

Any info you have is much appreciated ! thank you ! Additionally the only number I have to for them to reach a live person is 714-229-8999. I have left messages & emails and never get a response back.


They actually just on boarded me in November but I havent received any work listings or BPO.  My Broker used to get 2-4 assignments a year and a handful of BPO's but thats been dead for almost 2 years...

Majority of BPO mills have dropped considerably. If they send any out, usually for $40. Not worth it!

I get pretty good stream of BPOs from them - 15-20 month.  I also get listings from them.  Maybe its just a territory isse

Orders from them have been slightly below normal in southern Kentucky.  I think overall number of orders from most BPO mills are down in this area currently.

Hi Viki, I have been doing BPO's for them for years. I usually get a couple a week, but have dropped since the first of the year. Never received a listing from them. I called and they say its slow. I'm a primary vendor and get 4 hours to accept an order, but in the past couple of weeks it looks like the orders are being blasted. They are a good company. Never had an issue with pay, but some reviewers can be picky.  

Vicki I called today and they told me they have been slow, but they hired new asset managers and they might not know the agents and the areas they work, so orders have been blasted .... Call and speak to your asset manager. 

Never handled a BPO for them but have sold many of their assets. In 08 they were assholes with a lot of work, today they are just assholes.

Why is every post by you negative? Why even be on this site? 

I consistently get 3 to 5 BPO orders from Single Source a week. 

If you want listings with Single Source, make sure you are signed up with their referral company, American Destiny.  All the listings I have had with them are sent to me from American Destiny.  And I have to pay them a $750 referral fee for each one. The people at Single Source have always been very nice to work with though.

Is it a coincidence that the address for American Destiny is in the same building as the asset management company? 


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