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In my area SAM is doing tons of BPOs, we've been receiving 100+ orders per week in last 4-8 weeks. Did anyone experiencing the same work load with SAM? Please share your experience on BPO and REO side.

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About 4-6 per week here in CT.

Really Vitaliy?  I only gotten slammed one weekend about 4 weeks back, but other than that there was nothing.  Can you help me out with a contact?

Hi Trong how are you:)? it was great to see you at the conf. Honestly I'm backing from SAMs orders and not so sure if you want them. Recently they hired new QC team, those guys kicking orders back for any small things they don't like. SAMs website is slow, they losing pictures and after several weeks calling and asking to upload them again, I had to drive back to some properties just to get a new set of pcs. Hopefully it's just me and not the rest of agents.

I am well, thanks Vitaliy, I had a few that were missing photos too but I told them that it was weeks ago when I completed the order and I don't keep the photos, so they let me just upload a copy of the front and let it go.  But I did get kickbacks too, more often than I would of, thought that was kind of strange.  I can understand your frustration, my volume wasn't like yours but I started to get a little frustrated already.

I am in NJ and I haven't gotten any orders from them as of yet. I was approved about a month ago.  Do they give REOs as well?

I received one after a very long dry spell several weeks back. I was approved to do their REO but have never received an assignment. Since I was approved, I will continue to do their BPO for the time being. Has anyone received REO from them? If so, were you active on the BPO side first? How long did it take to receive your first REO? Thanks.

Brent, was it an Exterior or Interior?

Hi Brent, how long have you been completing SAM BPOs?

Congrats - exactly the way it should be. Pay your dues, give good work, and advance.

Hi all,

I went through the registration process for SAM and am now receiving this message:

"Registration Payment

Thank you for registering with Specialized Asset Management LLC. This is the final step of the registration process. Once you click the Pay Now button, you will be taken away from the SAM website and your registration will be processed. Please click the button below to make your onetime, non-refundable registration fee payment of $75.

Once payment has cleared, your online account will be re-activated."


Has everyone had to pay this fee?




Thanks Brent

I have been doing BPOs for them for several years in Denver metro.  They pay promply.  No REO assignments.  They just sent sent me an email demanding that all current agents re-register and pay them $75 for the privelege.  I won't be doing that.  Have paid substantially on several sites over the years, to mostly no avail. 


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