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Has anyone worked with Specialized Asset Management? I received an order through RES.NET for a BPO and I think it is a company that assigns REO's, not just a mill. However, I can't find their website or much info about their company.

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We just got 2 BPOs from them and they came from RESnet. I hope as well that they can assign listings. Good Luck to you.
I received a BPO assignment as well, trusting something will turn into a listing.
I looked into this company and did not find anything. I did, however, come across Specialized Loan Servicing LLC out of Littleton, CO. I called them and found out that SAM is a division of SLS. SAM's phone number is 866-625-8133. I also found on LinkedIn, a gentleman by the name of Rudy Krupka, VP of REO Management whose profile talked about SAM. Here's his link:

Good luck ... hope this helps! I called the 866 number and left my name and number for them to call back.
Yes, we work with them, actually visited with them for three hours in Denver while out there for the LPS Conference back about two months ago.
Thanks for the comments. Hopefully this will be another good company to work for.
We did 6 BPOs for them through and then on Tuesday we got our 1st REO from them. So far so go and everything seems to be just like everyone else. So do the BPO and do a good job, then hopefully it will turn into some listings from them.

I have done a couple of BPO's, no REO Listings yet. They are Legit, and I have heard will be getting quite a few BPO orders in the 30 days or less with possible REO or Short Sales to follow
They are a good company to work with, I have done several BPO's and one listing from them.
I have done 3 BPO's for this company, 2 have closed, and I have not been paid, so I am not sure how legit they are in that repect. I know they assign listings. I did 2 of the BPO's in May and one in July.
SAM REO is great. It is one of the few companies I have managed a transition from BPOs to REO listings. I was referred to the REO folks and got a great listing that was pulled from the current agent. They agreed with my valuation, about $100k under the previous list price, and I managed to get multiple offers and a sale at 98% of list price. The sale price was over 2x the average price in our market --Sweet. I look forward to working with them again, but they report "limited number" of REOs in my area.

They do require you to subscribe to but that is a minor item. I have enjoyed subscriber use of the site, but only to a limited level.
Thank you for the update Matt - they sent a bpo my way earlier but I was not able to accept it before it was gone. We'll have to be sure to be on top of the next one.
I have been doing BPO's for them for almost a year. I love them! Hopefully something will turn into a listing, but the properties I have done have not gone through the foreclosure process yet. I think I have done about 40 for them and have been paid for every one. The valuations analysts are always helpful and apprciative of what I do.


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