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Has anyone worked with Specialized Asset Management? I received an order through RES.NET for a BPO and I think it is a company that assigns REO's, not just a mill. However, I can't find their website or much info about their company.

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Great Company! Here's their website:

Yes, I've listed lots of REO property for them. Do a few BPO's and if you are accurate, thorough, and articulate in your comments, you should get some listings via RES.NET. Their website is but they utilize RES.Net for property disposition so you must be a registered agent on there, and I think you might have to pay for a premium account to be eligible to receive listings. They are a good company!

Hi Kathy,

Do you know who are their main clients for REO?  I seen they have increased on their number BPOs, but I do a lot less than I used to.

I was surprised but curious you asked. I actually did not know so I went and looked at a few HUD-1s. BNY Mellon, but SAMREO is actually the asset management company who assigns the listings and the only one I have contact with. I don't do BPO's anymore, except on occasion and, of course, for my REO listings. Hope that helps.

Thank you for the response Kathy! That's what I see too.

I work for them and they recently sent me a $232,900 listing that I had under contract in 9 days.  They seem good to work for so far.

GREAT company to work with !

Good company

I've done a couple of BPOs last year & received 2 listings from them.  Pretty good co. to work with. 


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