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Has anyone worked with Specialized Asset Management? I received an order through RES.NET for a BPO and I think it is a company that assigns REO's, not just a mill. However, I can't find their website or much info about their company.

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I have completed couple of BPO's ( February, March of 2012 and some in 2011, but as of today no listings assignments. They are very nice to work with, and payment are always on time. Exterior BPO - $ 50.00....please visit, to get approved as a vendor for REO listings. Ones approved, please read revised 2/16/2012 broker manual, and don't forget to send read receipt confirmation back. I hope this will do for you.

Roody Casseus / 917-667-2410

Brooklyn, New York.

ok guys, So i'm assuming that the fee's associated with joining this company is legit!

I think i'll move forward with them.


Are you still working with SAMREO? I have done tons of BPO for them and few REOs now. I have seen increase on their BPOs, but I am not doing much of them anymore. My question to you do you know who are their major clients? I'd appreciate your help? Feel free to e-mail me to

SAM is a good company. Last year I did a bpo for them and a few months later they assigned me my first listing,.... $1.3M.

I always accept their BPO's as they can turn into listings, they will stick with a preferred agent unless you do not perform, so yes, take the listings, they are a great company to work with 

Do you know who are their main REO clients?

I get alot of US Bank assets


Are you getting US BANK Asset's thru SAMREO? Do you know who else they are using? I'd appreciate if you can email to

I have done a lot of bpo for SAM and they have always paid and I have received a few SAM REO properties.

I've done a lot of BPOs for them, but have never gotten an REO listing. In todays market in my area, SAM is the only company I do BPOs for. All the others seem to have one issue or another and not worth the time. Plus I don't do BPOs that much any more. Market values have shot up like crazy in my area and all I have to do is put my name out there and say I'm with so and so company and people call wanting to list their properties. 

I have done work for them for years, have done dozens of bpo's only got one listing about 3 years ago. They do pay well so you don't have to chase after them for your money.

Hi, Nancy,
Does this mean I have to have a Res net account and sign up at SAM's platform as well?

To get listings you have to be a RES.NET Pro agent ($700/yr) just sign up at and put in your zip codes.


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