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I've been completing BPO's and teaching a class on how to complete BPO's and CMA's for more years than I care to reveal and have never had a late assignment for any vendor. I received an invitation to join, Stewart Valuation Services, LLC. Then, I was asked to complete a lengthy application and provide copies of my RE license, E&O Insurance W9, Etcetera, I complied. Then I was asked to complete a background check. They would not accept previously completed background checks. I complied and paid $44.00 for another background check. Then, I was asked to provide (3) BPO company references along with their phone number and contact information. They actually contacted each of my references.  Now they want three copies of BPO's completed in the past 3-6 months. This is where the shit hit the fan. I responded with:  I complete BPO's for numerous clients; this information is private and should not be disclosed to the Subject and/or any third party. You should know this; yet you're asking me to violate my fiduciary responsibility to my clients, by providing you a copy of their completed reports. Please read your own confidentiality statement regarding BPO's.  If you are so skeptical about the quality of my work; give me a BPO to complete? This would answer all your questions regarding my experience. How about looking me up on the National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP); I've been certified on their list for years. Is anyone familiar with Stewart Valuation Services, LLC; I'm familiar with Stewart Title, but, never heard of Stewart Valuation Services? Has anyone ever completed BPO's for this company? Do they pay? and How much do they pay?  I can't seem to get any information form them until after their screening process. I've literally told them to take a hike. Please comment? Does anyone have a relationship with this company? 

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I no longer do BPOs, except for my listings, but as I recall they did pay fairly quickly - it just wasn't very much. They were also an outsourcer for Bank of America at one point. Not sure if they still do.

I am getting to that point.

I was asked to pay another $44 for a background check so I contacted the bkgrnd ck co and they sent me a copy of my previous submission and I just fwded that to them.  I call this lunacy in mgmnt!!  They have people working there who are immature and have no idea of the big picture. 

I have also had problems with them. I was getting direct deposits from them and all of a sudden it was decided that since my E and O Insurance did not match my name ( I am the broker owner fyi), that I had to register again with them under my company name?  If they were insistent about that, I think that just the checking account information and the made payable and W-9 should have just changed. I don't understand their logic and now I have to register again with them. I don't get much from them so not sure if I want to waste my time.

I just went through the sgnup process last week and they paid for the background check.

Its Stewart Lending Services and yes  they have changed a lot of their registration requirements - this 3 sample BPOs  is outrageous but they are getting them

They also demand the EO and W9 match even if you are the managing broker and can get paid directly. This is even after the broker has done past work for them.

They are a REVVA member so a background check is mandatory - and by the way - you have to CALL Sterling and request your background check is supplied to each specific REVVA member you are registered with  -despite the advertising that if you complete the backcheck for one REVVA member it is good for all. Some of their (Sterling) call center people say you can only make one request per call and others do it all at once. Others just don't have a clue at all....

Also they (Sterling) will only USPS your background check in 7-10 days - BUT only if you request it.

Back to Stewart - they also want a resume with actual dates of employment and education going back to HS!! I said really? they said yup!

If they paid for the backcheck consider yourself lucky every other REVVA member is making the realtors pay for it themselves.

I found that out, whoever is running that show is an absolute control freak.

Stewart confirmed again today  you pay for the background check - they do not pay

I'm not familiar with Stewart, but the request for samples really isn't all that uncommon. As an appraiser, I send would-be clients samples all the time. With all the redactions, I can hardly see the benefit to the client, but they get 'em.

I block out the address, client, owner name, etc. Most BPO/Appraisal companies care more about the grid page (can you do an adjustment? does it make sense? is it uniform?) than they do the confidential data.

yes,   I stopped doing BPOs for them  . After filling out all the ridiculous paperwork, all they sent me were not BPO requests, but drive by inspections and they only pay $17 per order.   I do these for two other companies who pay me $30 for the same inspection form.  $17  doesn't even pay for the gas and the wear and tear on my car !!  These are not valuations at all.    And when I accept an order from Stewart, my phone rings off the hook all day long asking for updates.  They drove me NUTS !!!!!  (although, I admit, I was already headed in that direction ! )

Who do you do drive by inspections for that pay $30?  I know Trinity does but is there another out there?

yes,    First American


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