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Stonecrest 4300 Stevens Creek Blvd., Ste. 275 | San Jose, CA 95129

Has anyone done work for these people? They say they buy properties and will list with me, but need BPOs first. I have done one and now they are asking for more. 

Thanks for any insight someone might have. 


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looking for freebies.....

Thx for advice. 

I have listed and sold properties for Stonecrest.  They are good to work for.  The BPO is the first step; if they purchase the property they will list with you. They buy foreclosed  and auction properties.  I have several properties in my portfolio that I performed BPOs first with them.  Keep on doing the BPOs.  They are easy to work with. 

Great to hear! Yes they give plenty of time to do it and only ask for a CMA.It is not stressful or too big a deal like typical bpos are.  The properties have all been occupied so far so I am not sure how they work. Are they buying them at Foreclosure sale of pre-foreclosure or are they just buying a pool of risky loans?

Thanks for responding. 

I sold several properties with them last year and am working on picking up several more listings with them right now. They're a good company and not quite like most reo I would say more of an investment company. They buy a handful of loans at a time, So you will give them a BPO and if they secure the bid, You will than assist them in the sale. What I do like most about them. Is they will use our states real estate contracts and listing agreement.

Great! I will prioritize them over the others then. Thanks.

I have talked to many agents and brokers that have listed for them and were very happy with their experience. Keep in mind, the BPO has to be good, and by good I mean it's thorough. If it's done halfheartedly they will move on to someone else. Think of the BPO as an opportunity to show your work. Good luck!

Great plan then. Thank you Windy!

I just looked at their website to see if I could sign up with them and it looks like they only buy / sell in California.  Is that correct, those of you who posted you have worked with them? 

I'm in the Natural State working with them!

I don't know about signing up. I don't know where they got my name. I am in upstate NY. They are based in San Jose.

Ive done the BPO portion for them here in DE, no listings yet tho.


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