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Stonecrest 4300 Stevens Creek Blvd., Ste. 275 | San Jose, CA 95129

Has anyone done work for these people? They say they buy properties and will list with me, but need BPOs first. I have done one and now they are asking for more. 

Thanks for any insight someone might have. 


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I am in Fort Lauderdale and have done BPO's for them and have had listings. Waiting to close on one right now. Great company and like all companies like Stonecrest they  bid on pools and they may or may not get the properties in the bid but if they do and you have done the BPO you will get the listing. I have dealt with Liz Cortez and she is great to work with.

I am in Fort Lauderdale and have done BPO's and if they win the bid pool and you have done the BPO you will get the listing. Good company to work with

Those of you who have worked with them, did you sign up or register with them some where, (website / convention) or did they just contact you?

If they just contacted you did you ask how they found you?  Thanks.

They contact me and said they found me at REONetwork if I remember correctly. Email them and if this is what you are looking for let them know your zip code area and ask if you can help them. Like I said they are a compnay that if you do a BPO for on a property and they get the property they will give you the listing.


Does anyone get the vibe they are disorganized?  I like Lizz but their process seems very scattered

I have one now. They found me through my best CA lender who I do BPO's for. They are GREAT. I am in the Tampa FL market.

Does anyone have contact info for them?


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