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SWBC Letter from Sonny Yun - Irvine CA??? Is this a scam or real

I received a letter from SWBC Lending Solutions out of Irvine CA from a Sonny Yun wanting me to send my real estate license, W9, E&O etc so he can set me up for receiving BPO's.  I know SWBC was formerly Equi-Trax for whom I used to do BPO's  for, but didn't want to send information unless I was sure it was a real platform and not a scam.

Has anyone else received this letter?

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Mine came from Nancy Garson at and also announced their new platform called Clear Value.  It appears that this will be the 3rd platform in a year.

My last order came from last year and the website was equi-trax.

 In October 2015, I got an email from, Channel Valuation,  It read: "A new company and account has been created for: CECILIA FOX in the SWBC platform using this email address. Account information is as follows:"

I couldn't remember what SWBC was.  As I recall, Equi-trax previously turned me down at some point and was a terrible BPO platform.

I can't imagine what is going on there.


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