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All Agents, please stop "bad mouthing" Team Lear!!  So Wrong!!

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Just curious, in this discussion Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?
Posted by BAYO OSHINNAIYE on April 14, 2015 at 6:42pm, on May 4, you said its a rip off. And then on May 27, you changed your tune, saying they are in this business just like us. I know I'm not in the SAME business! I don't scam people. Now you started this new discussion. Am I missing something? I really hope that you are not confusing anyone and fuel this scam. We all need to stand together and help each other.


Please be more specific. Do you have personal experience with Team Lear? Do you have knowledge of legitimate REO assignments and business?

Their mode of recruiting agents is nearly identical to a string of previous companies tat were scammers and are no longer in operation. Why should we believe they are OK. Who are you?

Team Lear offered a property to a fellow Realtor I know.  She let me know about this company.  Of course, the first think I did was check them out on this site and sent her that information, letting her know BEWARE SCAM.  She had sent them the fee they asked and of course believed them that she would get her money back .  Lucky for her, she had done a BPO on the property they promised her for another company.  She called that company, who gives her listings, and asked if they would look up the property for her.  Sure enough, it was a property in their inventory and Team Lear would never be able to assign it to her.  Anytime you are asked to pay for listings, check them out.  Luckily, her credit card canceled the transaction.  

So how many REO listings have you received from them? When was the last time you were able to get anyone on the phone or have them respond to your emails?

Why are you not responding to the inquiries as to what your relation is with Team Lear and your success stories? 

This company is a scam.  I know from personal experience.  I bit and tried to cancel the next day.  I disputed this with my credit card company and the changes were reversed, but now they have charged my credit card again. 

I can not believe I fell for this, but I was not thinking clearly, obviously, because I know better.  They sweet talk you on the phone, show you their web site which looks ligit, giving you 2 properties right way with addresses - until you research those properties after off the phone (and paid) to find they are not yet foreclosed on and have a ton on legal issues with them.  The owners on title of both properties used to be a RE broker who is now in jail for fraud and her attorney. 

So let us hear your great success stories, Ann.  Or do you work for the company and are just trying to entice a few more sales?

Late last year, around November 2015 I got a call from Lear asking me to pay $499 refundable fee for lots of REO listings.  The fee would be refunded after closing of the first listing.  I fell for it, but then did some research and asked my bank to dispute the charge and while I was on the phone with my cc company Lear charged my card AGAIN without my permission for an additional $499.  So both charges were removed.  Had not heard anything since until this morning, when I got a call from Chris Owen with Lear telling me that Lear is an asset management company and that they are ready to have me list a house and gave me the address and told me he was emailing me a Servicing Agreement for me to forward to my PB for signature.  At no time did he ask for any money up front. The Servicing Agreement had no money mentioned on it at all.  Have they changed their ways of doing business I wonder?  I did not remember the company otherwise I would have asked on the spot.  The servicing agreement mentions compensation to broker, but it does not give a percentage nor does it say how much the asset company gets as their referral fee.  Don't most asset management companies list this right up front on their paperwork when listing REO property?  Or have things changed?  Anyone have more recent info on Lear than last year or listed any of their properties?

How did you get it done. I filed with the credit card company and Team Lear sent back PROOF they did what I paid for.

Scam!!! Run away. 

I'm sure that agents will stop "bad-mouthing" the company when they actually do what they say they are going to do. 

THEY will never stop ripping us off until they are in jail for fraud

Let me know when they do something???

I tried to get my money back from the credit card company. They sent some illegible as proof they did perform. They ripped me off for almost $900. I "purchased" the right to list two properties.  $400 for maintenance that was to be credited at the successful close of the sale and $49  for use of their platform.  I did the required BPO but the property was listed my another Realtor. They never had the right to list the properties. I am filing a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General. PLEASE file a complaint if they ripped you off to.



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