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I got call from Teal Lear and saying that he is assets Manager  and he wants me to do Exterior BPO and occupancy check.  Team lear will do everything ( Get vacant property, Trash out ) just i need to put property in the market. He wants me to pay them $ 499 from which $ 400 refundable and $ 99 is process fee. Is any body has worked with this company ?   

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this is the third different management fee they have advertised.  it has been $54, $49 and now $99

I got the call just now and was pitched multiple times on how great they were etc etc.

Told the "asset manager" that out of 15 banks and servicers I represent - not one of them asked for upfront fees. Let them scam someone else!!


Instead of doing that send me $399 and I will only charge you a processing fee of $50.00 and refund the rest in 10 years.

not sure why anyone would PAY to do a bpo? take that four hundred dollars, sink it into advertising your real estate business.

These guys are cranking out $450...from unsuspecting agents who are not REO expereienced. If something is too good to be true...

Asset managers will NEVER call you to list their properties. The only legit way to get in is by becoming a partner, submitting docs i.e. E&O, license resume..etc. and experience. If lucky you may get assignments for BPOs and its change for the meter...after a considerable amount of time you may become a partner broker to list and sell REO for that lender .

You will never be asked to pay any money up front, but with FNMA we do pay for trashout out of pocket and are reimbursed afterwards.


16 years Senior REO Specialist. 

Can someone give me the link to the linkedin conversation on this Team Lear company?  I would like to read everything there as well.


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