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Has anyone signed up with Tenant Access? If so, what has your experience been? Do you know whether or not they have any activity in California?

John Wise
2ci Direct
Ventura County, California

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I went on the site but I do not see a place to sign up?
Is there another location to sign up?
Thank you:)
Chanin- email me and I will give you a vendor manager email. My email
Here in Connecticut, I have been working with them since December & currently have 21 active properties. Insurance requirements E&O $1m, Liability w/ Tenant Access named on policy $1m, and business auto $500,000. They are a great company to work with. The application is similar to an RFP that we used to have to do back in the old RTC days.
Hi Billie, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can possibly provide in registering with tenant access. I have tried unsuccessfully to locate information on their site. Thanks again and I greatly appreciate it.
How do you sign up with Tenant Access?
I would like the info as well???? Please advise??

rose (
We were invited to their training in Cailifornia at REO MAC, great people and I was impressed with their team/CEO. We have received a couple of assignments. I think this is going to be a good company.
signed up and was accepted several months ago. I still have not seen anything. I do send them a reminder that I'm still here if they need me, but nothing yet.
I am told that they don't do much in California, so I will be interested to see if you get any assignments.
Beware this company, I am going through it trying to collect from the assignments that I have accumulated. I quit them it's gotten so bad. It's not that they won't pay but their billing system, a recent conversion on their software has had me chasing over $4,000 from this company. They require so much work per order and now literally every day we go over the many work orders to drill down the outstanding balance. NOT WORTH IT! And, you don't get the listing, there is already an agent assigned to the property. You are just the liaison between the existing tenant and the bank at $75 a pop. They dangle that carrot though because they need agents/brokers and they require a HUGE amount of insurance.
Just checking in to get an update on Tenant Access - is it active in California and if yes, how do you get in touch with them?


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