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Has anyone signed up with Tenant Access? If so, what has your experience been? Do you know whether or not they have any activity in California?

John Wise
2ci Direct
Ventura County, California

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I was given 2 assignments on 12/30/2009, did the occupancy check and the were both pulled on 1/4/09 due to a mistake on BA side? Seems alot like Titanium assignments.
Did it take quite a bit to get approved? The application is a monster.
No, I completed the application during the inital signup and I was approved within a few days. Good luck with your app.
I got my apps in, but no assignments yet...
Finally got on active status, anyone seeing any work yet?
I have done 3 assignments. First 2 were BofA and the tenants were in the process of moving out - they accepted CFK. The listing agents were getting ready to list. I completed one today for GMAC and the tenant had a lease through June 2011, which is great for me! I think this is going to be a great company and if you're one of "pioneer" agents, they are going to treat you very well. Right now, things are pretty crazy @ TA, they have been hiring a ton of new employees to keep up with the workload that they are seeing. Hopefully some of these will turn into listings.......we'll see.
Thanks for the feedback Ryan. How do you get paid?
Tenant Access pays, and they are quick. Within 30 days.

What I meant to say was..."How MUCH do you get paid for these assignments?"

Just got my third like Ryan. 1st two were also BA and the most recent is a GMAC. They paid me for the 2 BA within 30 days. All three already had agents assigned to list the properties.
Working on 5 and hopefully more to come. They are gonna be a great outfit once all the kinks are worked out...
I signed up with them & was told I was accepted back in July/August. Recieved an email about 3 weeks ago asking again for some insurance info. Can anyone give me some insight as to what they need beyond Liability & E&O? I agree on the app. It is time consuming. I have not received any assignments. Any recommendations on what I need to do would be appreciated or any contacts?


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