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Thanks for not doing the BPO vendor background check everyone!  Joey Singh 9178594400

Recently I have seen many of our broker clients decide that they are not going to get their background checks on Corelogic, Clear Capital, SAM and many others who want them now to get more hired our company to capture a BPO order that will never come...and that you will never get offered- so don't complain about it

Please people, this is not mandatory to get orders for some companies, its a requirement from a lot of their respective big bank customers according to Dodd-Frank regulations...If you have noticed you have been getting LESS BPO work from a particular vendor- its because they cannot send you a Fannie or Freddie order without a check. We can sit here and wax poetic that its a fee grab all day, be sure to remember how "principled" you are when you have to make a car payment....

And for all those of you who still don't want to do it out of principal - your competitors thank you from the bottom of their hearts...Our company handles a lot of volume for brokers around the country - there is statistical, empirical proof that your order flow will curtail if you don't do this...

( Disclaimer- this is not ad nor solicitation of ATX BPO outsourcing and ATX BPO capture services- I also don't directly work for any of the above companies nor am I Realtor)

Joey Singh
Business Development
Skype: Ameritax1
1 212 801 2390 Office Ext 888
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Joey, I cannot speak for the other brokers on this site but I personally resent your implication that I'd compromise my principles "when my car payment is due".

Also you totally missed the point most here are making. We are not opposed to background checks in of themselves but most if not all states require them just to be licensed so we already have had them done. Plus multiple companies want multiple checks and most want us to pay and the fees vary between them which does make it look like a money grab.

Same thing happened in REO. If you want business from us you have to pay to be on our portal, for our classes, our tech fee, our referral fee, unnecessary over charge fee, our CEO needs a bigger bonus fee, pay pay pay. The more we paid the less business we got. Now the BPO companies want a dive by in 24 hours for $35 and oh yeah you gotta pay us for the privilege of working with us.

As for the competition that thanks us from the bottom of their hearts, you're welcome. If you are willing to pay these companies so you can do more work (forms keep getting longer) faster (turn times keep getting shorter) for less money (most BPO companies have reduced fees over the past several years) then you can have it. I can find other ways to "make my car payment", and Joey, I can do it without having to compromise my principles.



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