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The Caneel group contacted me about a year ago with some assignment and said they needed help with cash for keys and to over see the properties and when they go back to the bank I would get the listings ....

Well the first house went to a different agent just as soon as I had the house trashed out and PAID for it.

The second house and third house the same thing happened .

When I confronted them they told me they are just a middle man and they don't assign listings.

So there deal is to get agents to work for FREE..

Just so you know everyone.

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You won't be reimbursed for your door knock. If you're able to make contact with the occupants, your chances of getting the listings are pretty good... but it's kind of a crap-shoot. If you have the time and the property isn't too far away, go for it.

I had the same thing happen with two of their prelists. I did eventually get one that was assigned to Meridian after I did the initial work. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to work with the borrowers and doing preservation only to not get the listings.  They told me the same thing. I won't do business with them anymore.

They have been good as gold to me. The deals are different, but still very worthwhile. My contacts there are REALLY great folks!


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