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Tim Harris REO Coaching / REO Renegades / 7 FIGURE REO?

Most of these have strategies that I believe are proven in fact, they tie into the ASK THE AM strategy, but the key difference is that at least one or two of them give the asset manager information. Is there any particular one that you would recommend over another?

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Um....not for the money they ask for. I would rather purchase the data myself, attend the conferences, get active in the community, and contribute to a blog that will raise my Google rank.

Wait till you see next Monday's Ask the AM. You will appreciate my answer better after reading what he has to say.
I can hunt down the banks but it would save a lot of time if I had asset manager's contact information from the get go. Cold calling the bank just to get the e-mail is time consuming to say the least. (Just in case someone thinks I'm being lazy, I'm coming from a perspective where I have a book of business already and want to grow my opportunities.)
Having been in the REO business long before it was "popular" I can tell you that most of the claims of these organizations make as to current contact info is a good share fluff, puff and bluff. AM managers are in a constant state of flux. Most of my listings start with one person and change at least once in 60-90 days. These organizations teach basic (read elementary) information. Fine if you are a beginner but not really things that are secret. Moderate research on the Net would give you most of their information.

Now, I will be honest. I am very disillusioned by all the hype going on in this area. Gurus are coming out of the woodwork. Designations are now a dime a dozen. There may be some good ones out there but most are mediocure at best. I have been a member here only a couple of days and can see there is more good solid info that is free than what one will pay hundreds for elsewhere (Thank you, Jesse).

In my final analysis I think these guys are great salespeople and marketers. But great REO people?

I have my doubts.


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