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I received an email this morning stating my application to become a Home Retention Consultant Trainee was accepted, and that I should log-in and begin the application process, which involves an application fee (only $50-so far), quizzes and background check. I started to begin the process but thought I should first consult with you all here. Has anyone else received this email?  What do you know about this company?


Thanks everyone!

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I did felt like a bill collector.  No listings.

Amalia, I can certainly understand your frustration with feeling like a bill collector. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping people so my approach will definitely NOT be similar to a bill collector. I want struggling homeowners to know they have options, and if I am able to get a BPO/listing (paid of course) along the way, that will be just great!

Hi Kasey,

What part of the country are you in? 



I am in South Florida (Broward and Miami-Dade).

Kasey, I am the bad guy here, if you want to help homeowner in distress, I am sure there are several non-profits out there, where you can get a decent salary and benefits, then you can help lots of homeowners in trouble and even future home owners.

I do real estate for a living, I am ethical, fair and nice to my clients and everybody, but I need to put food on the table and a roof over my head. I want to make sure that what I am doing is worth it for my living. In my opinion Titanium is not worth it. I can get pay more doing bpos and I don't have to worry about visiting a house 3 or more times. And maybe there are some short sale listings, but who knows if they ever close, and then you probably have to pay titanium a referral fee on top of that.

Don't take me wrong I do charity work, and I give time to causes that I think are worthy, that is my believe and I do it on my own accord, but I don't mix that with business.

Best of luck with Titanium, I hope you can thrive with them.

Ok, thanks for your input Jose.
I did Titanium for 3 months and I agree with Jose, BPO's are more profitable. With some assignments from Titanium they'll pay you $15, not enough for gas. I wholeheartedly agree it's not worth it. Pass and do BPO's.
Most and I mean about 98% did not come to the door.  Even if they were home.  The model sounds great, but there was so much miscommunication between the loan servicer and the borrower.  They had no idea who and why this person with a name tag that could be manufactured in anyone's basement was at their door trying to get financial information from them for a "warm transfer".  Are you serious?  Borrowers in default already have investors and lots of other solicitors breathing down their throats.  There was not anything "warm" about the encounters.  I wish you the best of luck.  Not everyone's experience was fruitless.  I'm sure there were and are some successful HRCs.

There are already threads and membership under Titanium. Some of the issues are: Who is going to give you date of their birth & year required to get paid for $50 max?  That is most you may get doing door knocking 3X. I have completed a dozen warm transfers typ thru persistence going 5 or 6 times.

They encourage you to go get short sale and take a cut of the commission.  I got one. From 1 of the TS videos it appears HRCs translate activities to a small % of short sale listings. The door knocking may be too much for those not paying their mortgage and want not to open door or allowing debt collector to come in. 

If you are in a friendly neighborhood and have the patience some will even ask you to come in to do warm transfer. However, most home owners are so far into foreclosure they asked to get dragged out by sheriffs and will not want to meet someone who says he/she is a home retention consultant.

I get the followings in all languages(English, Spanish and Vietnamese).

1. Door slamming at HRC is quite common.

2 I will call police if you are not leaving is another.

3 What makes you think this is not a scam?

4. Dead beat.

I did it when the market was really really bad and I was really desperate.  It wasn't as bad then, but way.  $30 if you can't make contact, or is it $20.  I have to go to a house, which could be 15 miles away THREE times and get $20.  How about I save the miles, skip a latte or two and call it even.  And  you do feel like a bill collector...don't fool yourself into thinkin you wont, because you WILL.  And lastly, you get one who might talk to you and they tell you they sent the same information to BofA (or whomever) just three days is a serious joke.
They used to pay better, at times, I received $800 checks but it is really time consuming.  I stuck with it for about a year due to their REO venture but that didn't work out either.  I recently asked to be removed from their list.  You will do much better doing the BPOs.
I've been with Titanium for a number of years but recently I'm getting fewer and fewer assignments and I'm becoming much more selective about which ones I take.  I'm perpetually 'too busy' when I decline assignments which I'm now actively pre-screening on my side before deciding to accept.  Unfortunately it's never turned into any real business and my original motivation was to be one of their REO agents once they set that up and like others have stated, that doesn't seem to have turned into anything.


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