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I'm new to this site, but old in the real estate business!
I've been a Area Manager for Titanium Solutions for almost 7 years and it's The Place To Be if you are interested in doing Loss Mitigation, BPOs or REO assignments. We get these directly from the lenders and all are directed to our Home Retention consultants. Lenders pay you or every assignment you complete and also offer many REO Listings. Need information on how to join? Contact Karen Knight at I'm looking to hire 12 new experienced Realtors in Arizona.

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Welcome to REOPRO! Give my regards to Diana Knowles.

Have sent the information to some of my AZ colleagues and they should be contacting you soon.
Hi Carlos,
Wow, this worked fast. I just found this site today.
I saw Diana at our managment retreat last week in Utah. Did she hire you? Are you currently a HRC? We are changing and growing almost daily and what agreat opportunities we have coming.
Thanks for sharing with your AZ friends. I look forward to hearing from them.
Hi Karen,

I'm an HRC in South Lake Tahoe. Do you know Fran Bailey?

Hi Robert,
That sounds familiar. Does she work with Titanium. I have some friends in Truckie-ey-??, but think that's a bit away from South Lake.
Titanium Solutions
How is it working for Fran Bailey?

Yes, Diana hired me and I am currently an active HRC. Do it mainly to help the community as my interest lies more towards international commercial distressed and REO real estate.

There is a paradigm shift in the air and a lot of us are in agreement in regards to short sales being the future trend as opposed to REO. This seems to be better for the homeowners and the financial institutions as well. No need to fear though as there will still be plenty of REO for a few years as it will take time to make the transition, in my opinion.

You should definitely connect with Debra Allen, 480.797.4080, out of Gilbert, AZ. She is doing a lot of short sales, has a short sale CE class and her articles have been published in Realtor magazine/other publications. If you contact her please give my regards to her.

Have a great weekend!
Thanks Carlos,
I'll giver her a call and send anyone you think might ejoy this work my e-mail:
I'm loving this site. It's a great way to hear pros AND cons about Titanium and gives me a chance to offer up suggestions.
Do you ever work with Land Investors? I have 100 acres in Utah near Dear Valley, Park City, and 30 miles from the SLC Airport. It's listed at $30,000 per acre/share undivided interest and I'm looking to sell 25 acres at $15,000 per acre with terms. I was diagonised with renal cancer last year and need to liquidate some of my investments to pay for treatment. I can send you some information if you know of anyone.
Talk to you soon,

Wondering if it's the same offering I had received from a previous source a few months ago as there is not too many parcels of that size in the same vicinity. Were you marketing the property with DLG/Barry Brooksby? I was formerly the Mexico marketing executive with them and thought we were marketing that property. Believe we might have some investors in our investment group with appetite for land. Please email the information to and let me know if there are any other investments you are thinking about liquidating. Will do my best to help you sell them to help with your treatment!

Have given your email to some of my Phoenix, AZ colleagues.

Hi Again Carlos,
The property is in Utah and is marketed through Real Estate Exchange. It was written up in the Sunset Magazine and also Invision Utah. It's so beautiful that it breaks my heart to let it go, but I'll at least have more when it finally sells. I really think it's the kind of property that needs to be marketed correctly and certainly out of state.....even out of the country.
Some investors from Dubai and also China have taken some interest and, in fact, we have an offer from the Dubai people where they are still doing their due dilligence! The entire piece in 2,600 acres with 52 investors ranging from 25-50-100-500 shares/acres.
If you need more information let me know.
You said to email information to Is that a large group or a person. I'll get it together and upload some basic information to you.
Thanks Again,
It's one of my emails. We are part of an extensive global investment network.

Debra Allen sent you an email concerning the AZ HRC positions. She has 4 team members who are interested in becoming HRCs. Might want to check your bulk or junk folder. Here is her contact information in case you need it:

480.797.4080 Cell
Karen Knight
Titanium Solutions
Hi Karen:

Thanks for the endorsement of Titanium Solutions, I am an HRC out of Nashville TN and as you read through this site, I support them unequivetly.

FYI: We are developing some advertising solutions to this website which should be up and running by this weekend,

If you or Titanium would be ineterested in advertising, just let me know.



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