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I have been contacted by Titanium Solutions to become a part of their network, they require that you pay a $120.00 registration fee. They also want me to be a part of their "home retention team" or what they said was meet with the people who are in preforeclosure to see what their issues are in why they are not paying their mortgage. Does anyone have an idea if this is worth doing and can you actually get listings doing this? Any help is appreciated.

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David, check out the Titanium group under "Groups". There is a lot of sharing and interaction regarding Titanium.
Thanks i will do that.
Hi David:

I am going to close this discussion because our network has several on going forums about Titanium Solutions covering your specific concerns.

Please go to the forums tabs and search Titanium and those forums will appear. Some of them are robust with over 60 comments from different people.

Also, take a look at the partners tab and, you will see that Titanium Solutions is a "Preferred Partner" so, you can feel safe about using them.

I personally am a member myself and love them. Also, you can join the Titanium Solutions group here on REOPro to learn more about them as well.


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