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I was contacted by Titanium Solutions to join their group. It sounds like a nice idea - helping the homeowner possibly keep his home or getting a listing. I'm just wondering what the ratio is between number of assignments and homes that actually get listed?

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Hi Dorit:

If you have checked out the "REO/BPO Sign Ups" tab you will notice that Titanium Solutions is actually endorsed by REOPro. It's a great company and have referred a lot of agents thier way.

I myself am an agent and I can tell you it's been great for me. I also can tell you, I am very confident that they will be assigning REOs by year end so, you might want to get in now while the getting in is still good.
Thanks Jesse,

Good advice.
They have been saying they'll be distributing REO for over a year now. What have you seen/heard that makes you believe that this will finally become a reality?
When Jesse talks, REOPro's listen...

Dorit - check out a blog I posted called Freddie Mac Engages Titanium to Knock on Doors of Delinquent Borrowers. This article was direct from Default Servicing News, an industry publication.

It seems Titanium should be gearing up for some big developments.

I was kind of surprised more members did not comment on this blog and forum post, as I know we have many Titanium members here and was interested to get their opinion on this development or if they had heard anything from inside Titanium about this new relationship with Freddie.

I think most of the discussions occur in the Titanium group on REOPro. Or maybe we as TS agents don't want to jinx anything :-)
Makes sense Johnny.
I have to ask those of you that are die hard Titanium supporters...are you doing it:

1) because you want to help homeowners in trouble and do not care about the pay?

2) because you are trying to generate short sale listings?

3) because you hear that they will have REO listings at some point in the future?

4) because you have nothing better to do?
everything except #4, I have lots to do!
Kyle, you should change number 4 to "all of the above" Now I have to get back to work!
Hi Kyle:

Any information I obtain from sources are strictly confidential so, I can't come out and tell you who told me but, I can tell you that only a handful of people would know one way or the other and I am talking to a couple of those people.

Secondly, yes, you have been hearing for over a year now that Titanium was going to be doing REO and it hasn't come to fruition but, that wasn't because they were not actively pursuing it, it's because of a particular servicer who backed out literally, on the day they were suppose to sign and make it happen.

Now, to the reality. Those of us doing Titanium know very clearly that the products they have been offering are changing and the clients they are bringing on is getting larger and larger. For those of you who don't do Titanium, would it surprise you to hear Titanium is now getting assignments from Wells Fargo? If it doesn't...well, it should, considering Wells Fargo has their own OMS, Back Office, Support and everything else but, they still choose to use Titanium for their Loss Mitigation and, other products that Titanium offers. I am not saying PAS (Premier Asset Services) days are limited but, I am saying that Titanium is doing it right and the big guns are noticing so, either get on now, get familiar with how they run things and buckle up because I truly believe it's about to get really exciting.

Not to mention, I can’t confirm or deny that a very select group of agents with Titanium are already doing REO but, I will say that I don’t expect Titanium to have a very hard time rolling out a nation wide REO campaign because it seems that they have the know how, now.

P.S. I completely agree with Kristine, change # 4 to all of the above.
I appreciate the update Jesse. I am with Titanium and have done a good 100+ assignments. I have a great relationship with my Area Manager. From what I've been told, the Area Managers will be the ones assigning the listings if/when this REO thing takes off.

I would love to speak my mind on Titanium and their pay structure but, because this is a public forum using real names, I will refrain from posting my personal feelings.


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