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Titanium Solutions now doing Bank of America Short Sale..Anyone actually have any in progress?

There has been a lot of talk on this subject and it is official that Titanium Solutions is now doing Bank of America Short Sales, processing them.

I have confirmed this with my Area Manager and am awaiting a possible Bank of America Short Sale deal using Titanium.

I'm curious if anyone has a short sale in progress now with Titanium, that was already your short sale listing.

I am months in on a Las Vegas Short Sale with Bank of America in the phase 2 and now Titanium wants to step in and handle it....hmmnn...would be great , IF they can move it along faster, but I have concerns that it may not.

Lets see what happens.

Feel free to share your experience.

***12/16/09****UPDATE: The Short Sale I have that is currently being worked with Titanium is in "Final Review". Not sure how long that will take and what the outcome will be but I'm keeping my fingers crossed they can get an approval!

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I've got a call from Titanium on one of my short sales with BofA, asking for whole bunch of information, both on listing and the seller. Thought it was kind of strange, so I called BofA. Both, Customer Service and Short Sale Dept had no idea what I'm talking about and how does Titanium fit in here. E-mailed back the person that called me from Titanium and explained my concern. She said it's still fairly new and people that I talked to at the bank probably still don't know. But she insists that they've been hired by BofA to process this short sale and that it will speed up the process by quiet a bit. She e-mailed me some financial forms that my seller has to fill out, even though BofA have a complete packet on this, including a Financial Statement, so it's kind of redundant, don't you think? If BofA hired Titanium to process this short sale, why wouldn't they pass all the information they already have on this to them? Lazy, to busy, there is always an excuse, but it's defiantly more work for us. So I'm kind of lost now and planning to e-mail our Negotiator and see what he says on this. I mean, those forms that Titanium want my client to fill out, contain a lot of confidential information... How do I know that I can even trust the person that called from Titanium, especially when BofA is telling me not to send anything to them... Strange... But knowing BofA, I wouldn't be surprised that since it's still new, they really had no idea what I was talking about.
If anyone had other recent experience with this, your comments would be appreciated.
Was there any mention of Titanium taking a referral fee of 25% now that they have taken over the processing of this short sale?
Jan, No, just like Jesse said below. BOA has contract with Titanium to work some of the BOA files, meaning BOA is paying Titanium to work the file, so we don't pay a referral fee. These are short sales we have got on our own, and in my case is 3 months into the deal. The only time you pay a Titanium referral is if they directly contact you to list or it was 1 of your HRC assignments.
I had this same example happen to me yesterday, almost to the "Letter" of your story. Area Mgr at Titanium does confirm it is so new, etc...

I have not heard back from the rep at Titanium who left me a message and emailed me on it as I ask a lot of questions and still have not rec'd any answers.

I am also not getting a response from the negotiator,,,hmn,,although we know that sometimes takes "a while"
How far into the short sale are you?
I have one in progress now and yes, we are submitting all the necessary forms by Friday. I have called Titanium to make sure this was legitimate and it very much is.

Will keep you updated accordingly.
I am doing short sales now for Bank of America thorugh They just assigned me my first. The client has to call B of A and request you as the listing agent and then B of A will put the short sale through Just fyi.

I am with Titanium and havent gotten any that way yet.
I have gotten three "short sale" assignments from Titanium. However, in each case not only was the property already listed but in all three cases it was already a pending sale. Someone is really falling down on communications over there.

Needless to say, all were dead in the water for me immediately after reporting it.
I have also rec'd the SS assignments as an HRC, but all were listed in P or C or were already REO's.

So, eventually I'm hoping to get 1 that will become Active,,,by me!
yes, I talked about this over on AR a while back, but I don't have any yet going thru reotrans, Yet!
Update: 12/2/09 4:47 pm Pacific

Titanium is legite as Jessie says and finally got thru to supervisor at BOA who said if we get the call or email from Titanium on any of our files to go ahead and work with them. There fax line has been down all day, but just managed to get some of the docs over to them. Just will have to get my seller on board about filling out more paperwork for them.

I will tell you, I did get 1 fax thru this morning and they confirmed recpt of it this afternoon, so if nothing else, they know where and when the docs come in !
FYI, no...they aren't taking a 25% referral, at least that is what I was told however, i haven't closed anything with them yet.....however, I trust their word, i have never had a bad experience.

The reality is, if they are going to try and take a 25% referral fee, I am going to refuse to work with them. I got this short sale on my own without any lead from anyone so, I aint paying a referral fee to anyone.


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