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I'm new to this site, but old in the real estate business!
I've been a Area Manager for Titanium Solutions for almost 7 years and it's The Place To Be if you are interested in doing Loss Mitigation, BPOs or REO assignments. We get these directly from the lenders and all are directed to our Home Retention consultants. Lenders pay you or every assignment you complete and also offer many REO Listings. Need information on how to join? Contact Karen Knight at I'm looking to hire 12 new experienced Realtors in Arizona.

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I would love to be involved in some advertising and will check with our CEO from Titanium.
Who is your Area Manager in TN?
Do you ever work with Land Investors? I have 100 acres in Utah near Dear Valley, Park City, and 30 miles from the SLC Airport. It's listed at $30,000 per acre/share undivided interest and I'm looking to sell 25 acres at $15,000 per acre with terms. I was diagonised with renal cancer last year and need to liquidate some of my investments to pay for treatment. I can send you some information if you know of anyone.
Talk to you soon,
How do you like working as an HRC?
Hi Karen,
I am an HRC in the RI area. I think what Titanium is doing is great. The new products coming down the pike are great for us as HRC's and will make things easier and more efficient. I look forward to building my relationship with Titanium.
Brenda Fernandes, RI
Hi Brenda,
Nice to hear from you and I'm glad I've found a few HRCs on this site! I was told it was where I could find comments about Titanium and I'm always open to new ideas or issues that we can make better.
Who is your Area Manager? I should know, but with 32 of us and many I've only seen once, it's hard to keep track of where they all manage.
Yes, we are growing and you will certainly be glad with all the new opportunities. Keep reading your e-mail and checking Resources and we are working through a ton of information that seems to change daily.
If you ever have questions, let me know.
Best in the business.
Hi Karen,
I became an HRC in Dec. and have already had several assignments. I think this is a great way to do business. I would rather help somebody stay in their home and have a future potential client, that may come with even more referrals,...then have many more foreclosures that hurt the overall market.
It's like getting paid to market yourself.
Oh, and Angie Harris in my area manager.
Hi Karen- I have read about Titanium but haven't sign up with them yet. What is the turn around time (TAT) for their assignments? Can you send me more details or should I look in the website?
I'm busy with REO and BPO's so I'm debating.
I'm in Roseville CA area. Do you have HRC's in my area?
Hi RS. I have been a HRC since Nov 08 and they have been great. Actually, I prefer to complete their assignments than BPO's and they always have paid on time. You can even track your payment status via online. The rate is from $25-$150 depending on the assignment and how successful you are in contacting the homeowners and getting their financial information or getting them to contact their lender. The amount of time they give you to complete the assignment is anywhere from 6-14 days and again depending on the assignment (Karen, please correct me if I am wrong). I got one assignment yesterday that they require you to at least fill out information on the contact form via online within 48 hours or they will reassign it to someone else. I really enjoy working for Titanium and the staffs are very friendly and supportive. The opportunity is really helping these homeowners and building a business relationship with them for future business and referrals. Not to mention, Titanium is paying us and giving us leads for possible short sale listings.
Hi Karen:

Derrick Beatty is my Area Manager

Say hi to Doug Miller! He's my Area Manager...

Love what TS is all about and looking for more opportunities, esp our fair share of REO's :-)
Do you needs agents in South Carolina?
Hey, Karen! I'm one of your HRCs! Are you still looking to add new agents in AZ? I had recently heard that we were closed to new HRCs. I've got a couple of great names for you if you still need them. I love working for Titanium and am passionate about its mission. Thanks for your hard work!
Hi Karen,
I just registered on your company site. Unfortunately, I am in California so I can help you in AZ.
I have 20 years title, escrow & real estate experience. I have been doing BPO's and REO's for the past 5 years. I would love to establish a relationship with your company in The Bay Area, Contra Costa & Alameda County. I would appreciate your help.
Have a great day!


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