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I'm new to this site, but old in the real estate business!
I've been a Area Manager for Titanium Solutions for almost 7 years and it's The Place To Be if you are interested in doing Loss Mitigation, BPOs or REO assignments. We get these directly from the lenders and all are directed to our Home Retention consultants. Lenders pay you or every assignment you complete and also offer many REO Listings. Need information on how to join? Contact Karen Knight at I'm looking to hire 12 new experienced Realtors in Arizona.

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In respect to investment properties, view them as buying potential. Get in front of the tenant and ask where the owner is, then start building rapport to see if they are interested in buying later.

Also, After you have determined it's a investment location, you can start making phone calls on the contact form. That is part of making your attempts to reach the owners.

Win-Win IMO...
once you determine it is an investment, you don't have to do the second attempt at the mailing address?
If this is so, I have been doing double work!
The only other fees involved other than the initial $100 training fee would be business cards with Titanium's info on them. You can order them and pay the fee for those or they give you the great option to print them off their site at no charge. You will print them and just write in your personal contact info on the card.
Hi Everyone:

First off, thanks for the valuable insight each of you provided. I myself am a huge supporter of Titanium Solutions and have had nothing but a good experience with them. In fact, I really wish they would advertise on this site however, they haven't contacted me yet....truthfully, my advertising section is up to par just yet...hopefully that will be up by end of this month however, that is a different topic.

I also want to take a moment to apologize about some recent activity on this thread that was brough to my attention by a fellow member. I am sorry to each of you that had to endure any behavior less than professional.

I have deleted as mush as the negative comment thread as possible and hope to never have to deal with those types of actions again.

Just a suggestion to everyone, if your discussion turns into an argument and it really hasn't anything to do with the topic or takes on a less than cordial, tactful, professional demeanor move it to email. Don't clog up the discussion thread because your responding to an arugment, we are all just to professional for that.

Thank you.
Thank you for taking care of the negatives being displayed. I see that on my dog show people forums and it can get nasty. No need for that type of talk here. They can take it private when it gets uncomfortable to the rest. Also we are here to learn about programs and such. Not bit_ _ about what another on the list is doing or not.
Karen...welcome aboard and thanks for the information about Titanium Solutions. I am curious to know about the process in California...I have submitted my application and followed up numerous times with no response. I sent my last email to Krista Johnson who is noted as being a Regional Manager. Can you help?
I have been working with Titanium Solutions for almost two years now in the Houston area. It is a great company to work for. Their main concern is helping the homeowners find solutions to prevent foreclosure. Never a problem with getting paid for completed assignments. They pay on the 15th and the 30th. I look forward to many more years of affiliation with Titanium Solutions.
I agree with you, Mercedes. Only been working with them since Dec. and they have kept me busy and always pay on time. However, I just got a notice that the schedule is 1x month now but increase in pay.
Hi, any need in Minnesota? And a question. Our Commerce department has ruled that any loan modifications, or persons who assist in modifications, need to be licensed mortgage brokers. Interesting, but would it affect the relationships with Titanium?

Just wanted to say that I signed up with Titanium Solutions and within 48 hours I had my first assignment. Been with the company for less than two weeks and on my second assignment. So far Titanium Solutions is a great company to work with. I look forward to a great business relationship.

Troy Sage
Hi Troy (nearby neighbor),
When I began training to be an REO buyer's agent, I had to train with a co-worker who was with Titanium. I used to go on the Loss Mitigation assignments with her. I really liked it because we received good feedback from the homeowners, of course, once they got passed the fear and the shock of having us at their door step. I always thought about joining, but she discouraged me because she said it was saturated and sometimes the assignments would be duplicated to numerous assignees. Have you found this to be the case, or would you recommend it?


I am only on my 4th assigment with TS but I have not noticed the assignments being duplicated. The reason for that is on 2 of my assignments I never even got an answer at the door and left a business card each time and when I would go back my cards would still be in the door. There were no other HRC's cards there unless the other HRC just didnt leave cards.


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