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TITANUIUM REO NEWS------UPDATE to the blogs ,,,etc........

ok, everyone including me is blogging and talking about...REO NEWS Titanium Launches New REO company Excellen REO HOT OF THE ... I haven't even had a chance to read everyone elses yet...anyhow...

This is so new and fresh that my source tells me we all need to slow down and be patient that all the systems are not in place yet to start calling or sending in resumes or anything like that.

If you are an HRC, don't bug them about it yet as they are getting swamped and it is interfering with the HRC side.

The plan along has been to initially deal with HRCs first when it comes to the REO side, but again, they apparently are not ready to start handing out assignments yet.

So, this is still GOOD news and exciting,,,but I guess we all still have to cool our jets and get in standby mode!

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Thanks for the update Dawn. Appreciate it.
Area Managers will begin releasing questionnare's to all HRCs within the next few weeks to see if they are interested in performing REO work for EXCELLEN. It sounds as if the highest scoring HRCs will be in the original wave of REO Agents. It appears around 1500 - 1900 will be selected in this wave.

Word of caution. Do not bug your Area Manager about this. They are extremely busy with their everyday work.
WOW, what a great call we heard listening to the President of Excellen Reo.....As Anthony states below, HRC's will be contacted first to see if they are interested in doing the REO's,,,so reply to the questionaire. It also looks as though they will still be picking experienced REO agents first from among the HRC's.

I think they should also be taking into consideration the length of time an agent has been an HRC. Just my thoughts.
My source says: patience, and HRC's will have questionaire contact within about 2 weeks for the screening process, I look forward to the assignment of a New REO.
great, thanks for sharing dawn. what call were you on, is it online?
yes, it was with the president and tim & julie harris & we were able to chime in w/quetions. I'm heading out to meet buyers now, but there should be link elsewhere to a replay of the call
Dawn & I listened in on the same webcast, I'm not sure if it was recorded.

Thank you for the information. I am thrilled that assignments will be coming in the future.

Shelley Gross
I Agree! , it's my view the new company while it moves as quick as possible to most of us, lets hope it happens sooner than my last Bank Of America short sale!
I received the email from my Titanium Area Manager about two weeks ago with the link to complete the Excellen REO application and then about a week later received another email stating the following. Fortunately, I am already a member of RESNET and had to do nothing in response to the 2nd email regarding RESNET.

Dear Agent,

Excellen REO. LLC, a division of Titanium Holdings has chosen RES.NET as their REO application and will be implementing the system on or around 02/01/2010. If you are currently a RES.NET registered agent, you are accustomed to standard online procedures to complete tasks and e-sign documents. If you are not currently a RES.NET registered agent, please follow the steps below immediately for Excellen REO, LLC to become eligible to manage properties through your organization:

I didn't realize I would have to apply for the REO's. I thought they were going to use the people they already had in place . If that's not the case please let me know so I can send in everything when they are close to up and running.
For us experienced REO Brokers who are not HBC's(have not worked with Titanuium), is there a direct EXCELLEN REO website for registration ?? (even though i've heard they may pull REO Brokers from RESNET)


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