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Just got this letter from Transcontinental:



Greetings from Transcontinental Valuations,


As you know, you are currently in our vendor database as a Preferred Agent. This means we will automatically send orders to you as they appear in your areas of coverage. Being a Preferred Agent also puts you at the “head of the line” and you receive more BPO volume that other vendors in the area.


We are restructuring the vendor fees for all of our Preferred Agents. We now require that our Preferred Agents accept a fee of $40 for drive-by BPOs and $55 for interior BPOs.


If you are able to accept this new pricing and remain a Preferred Agent, please see the updated form attached. Simply complete the form and send it back to my email address.


We look forward to a continued relationship!





Wanna guess my response? lol

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"Pound sand!" <~~Just a guess :-)
lol, I just got an email from them... again. They are willing to offer me an exception to the new changes and keep me at the old rate. haha, I guess they wanted to see if I will work for free?
I got email too!
Also had BPO request few weeks ago I declined it!
For me nothing less then $60 for drive-by BPOs and $85 for interior BPOs will do !


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