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Anybody have any experience with this company? I just started working with them after they emailed me out of the blue saying they found me on another BPO mill's website.


I've only done one BPO so far, an interior for an FDIC listing that was under contract. And just now missed 3 more interiors that were way outside my work area.

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The Plague!

I chased them for months for hundreds of dollars in unpaid BPOs.

Once I got my money I told them to remove me from their email list and never to contact me again.  Harsh?  I don't think so-not for these losers.  I can still remember them begging me to do just one more order for them. 

I must say it really feels nice to be wanted...NOT!  At least not for their price.

they do not have a lot of work in my area and mostly interiors for modifications or short sales. I just got a check from 2009, last month. I am owed for two more bpo's I have recently done. You have to stay on top of them for money..Not worth it.


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