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Has any had any experience with this company?  They contact me about a month ago asking me to do verbal valuation (desktop BPO). The email said "Though verbal valuations offer no compensation, when/if our client obtains the property and decides to list it then you will be assigned the listing." I just happened to look at the MLS and see the property is listed with another agent (listing is 8 days old). I have emailed and called the company, but havent gotten any responses. Any suggestions?

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I have and I have not had the best experience with them. They are extremely difficult to get a hold of..... they are very, very slow to respond to anything. They are very slow to pay.  I believe  a woman named Tamara was the owner, however I am not sure if she still there. I get the impression that they are very disorganized.  I would proceed with caution. I really wish some of these cruddy companies would go out of business ( a few have, thank goodness) and let the better ones grow.

I did a couple of the 'freebies" over the past 3 years, never have seen a listing.  I did a BPO for a fee back in November o 2013 and have not received payment and they no longer respond to my emails.  Although my experience is limited, I would advise to proceed with caution.

Good luck!

I did a commercial BPO for them.  I had to make several calls in order to get paid.  First to the person who assigned me the BPO, I don't know if they have an accounting department and then to the owner.  After I contacted the owner, I finally received a check.

I have done many desktop BPO's for TREONET over the past 8 years. Some have turned into listings and some have not. They are looking for a quick turnaround so that they can evaluate the potential value of the portfolio that they are bidding on, usually Fannie Mae bulk sales. If they are the successful bidders, they will list the property with the agent who has provided the desktop evaluation. They are great to work with and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

they are nice people, however, I had much trouble getting paid for reimbursements unless I really put pressure on them to pay. they were slow to respond to offers and also hard to get a hold of. The communication was not there.  I have not done anything with them for a few years, however, things could have improved. maybe new management.

Good thing they were not offering to pay, because I have done one last Nov. and they still have not paid, and no one answers the phone or emails.

My issue is, I completed this order, based on the information in the email. Though verbal valuations offer no compensation, when/if our client obtains the property and decides to list it then you will be assigned the listing.". And I see that it is listed with another agent. The email didnt say you may be selected to list the property it said "you will be assigned the listing".

The thing is they may not get the acquisition. They buy bulk REO. If they do not get the pool, then you don't get the listing and it appears w/ someone else. Its not that they forgot about you or decided against you, its another entity acquired the pool. I have sold two assets for them, did 9 verbal valuations. No issues w/ reimbursements. Reimbursements are low anyway because they are trashed out, initial services are already done, and they don't turn on utilities. They want the asset gone in 30 days. I'm glad to know they are still active; have not heard from them in awhile.

The property is not a REO. I completed 5 that day. No other properties are active, except that one.

Hmm, maybe they're involved in something else. w/ my two they were active Fannie Mae.

I think they are a mixed bag. I did sell quite a few for them, however had trouble with communication and payments, as well as response. I think it depends on who are dealing with.

I love working with them. 


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