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I got a direct email inquiry on an REO that I sold months ago.  It wasn't from a website inquiry.  I've tried to keep up with unreported sales on Zilia but sometimes it won't take.  I know, I know.  Things have changed regarding paid versus paid, sharing agreements, etc.  I pay very little attention and don't really want to. 

Anyway, I tried to figure out where he got the impression the property was still available and, of course, there's no reply.  So I searched on the address and my contact email was not any of the sites.  It shows sold on Redfin and off market on Trulia and Realtor.  Zillow has no indication at all.

What I did find was crime reports, then listings reported in 'safe neighborhoods'.  Some were.  Some could be considered as questionable.  

I wonder if Trulia will take responsibility if there's a crime in a neighborhood they represented as 'safe'.

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Ive been in the biz 37 years. I tried telling my fellow real estate brokers NOT TO USE OR SUPPORT Trulia, Zillow and their ilk from the beginning. We built them to huge companies by letting them have our MLS info. Never should have done it. We give them the free access to what we worked hard to get, then they charge us for being connected to our own listing (and those of other agents) all the while giving inaccurate info to the public. And of course now they are branching into selling real estate. We ere/are STUPID>


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