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Hi All,

I just got a sales call from United Default Management. 

They want $549 for 3 counties. Their business plan is to send me to do BPOs on homes that have NOT been foreclosed, but instead are in PRE-FORECLOSURE  (which is every home with a mortgage, in my opinion, PRE simply meaning BEFORE, haha).

I have heard this song before. And have even paid for a few (insert embarrassed face emoji here).

Before I say anything negative about a company I don't know much about, has anyone heard anything, had any dealings?

On the sales call there was a screener, then an "asset manager." He didn't know the difference between pre-foreclosure and foreclosed. I asked if these were directed short sales and he didn't even understand what I meant. Their website is copyright 2017. New. And they are in Chicago, which is where a number of these scam companies are located.

I look forward to any info anyone has.


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I've actually been working with this portal for a while. No complaints here... I've received a few portfolios from them and was hesitant to pay the fee for the portal too. Always good to do your due diligence!

How long have you worked with them?

If it's a portal, it's probably not an asset company.  

I received the same type of call.  "Always good to do your due diligence"  really = Shawn Price, can you give us some more info?  Your office address is a UPS store (they said there is no real estate office in that plaza):

1533 Austin Hwy, Ste #102. I am sure Reo Pro can't investigate everyone that posts on this site.  It would be nice if they would list how long the person has been a member - just a thought.  

I've been working with them since Feb. And it is a portal The Asset Company is Livi mngmt.

Are they owned by the same company?  You had to PAY for a portfolio LISTING?  How many properties were in the portfolio and what was the total value?  What was the commission value?

2.4% was the commission value. Total value was around 900K I had a few problems with the Cash for Keys process with 2 of the subjects but, they worked it out. I just had to oversee everything.


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