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Just Closed my 9th property this year with this management group. They've really shown up the competition. I've been involved with many asset management companies: PAS, Dakota, NRT, Service Link,  probably more than I'm willing to admit. I'm just glad to see the market the way it is at this current point in time. Granted, inventory is scarce but we've able to see some great deals close this year!

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Good for you shawn! Just wondering if they also handle properties in NJ. I'd appreciate if you can give me their site.

How do we sign up with this company?

Does anyone else have experience with this asset management company?  I would like to know.  I called them and spoke to them.  I can't find anything much about them.  They want a fee and I am not comfortable with paying, however, they seemed very reasonable about paying the fee.  They gave me a property and it is in foreclosure, but I am leery.  Anyone else have experience with them?

I would ask that you all check this out before you spend any money.  I have spoken to the company, they immediately assigned me a property.  Which I thought was very odd, not that easy to get a listing.  The want money to sign up and I told them I would not pay any money upfront.  They said ok and gave me the assignment.  I checked with the county and there is no foreclosure for this property.  When I asked the AM he said he would check.  I got an email this morning stating they would be happy to pay me $20 for my time.  I said thanks, but no thanks.  Please, I am asking you all to check to make sure the company you are looking at is on the up and up and not a scam.  I am not saying this is a scam, but it sure smells of one.  I tried calling the originator of this message, Shawn, and he did not call me back.  So, always check before you spend.  And check the county records to make sure it is actually a foreclosure.   


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