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URGENT!!!! Key Contact For Cleaning Up Mess At AHMSI Needed Now!

I have an urgent need for a key contact in Loss Mitigation at American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.

The internal contacts I have are literally the most incompetent people I have ever encountered in a financial institution or loan servicing company.

They demand paperwork, it is provided, then they demand the same paperwork after acknowledging the receipt of the previously requested paperwork

Then they just scheduled the trustees sale date of our home because the requested paperwork was not sent to the correct number even though the paperwork was Correctly sent to the number listed on their letter requesting additional paperwork. REALLY!

I know this sounds absurd but it is happening right now and it is happening to me with my home. The trustees sale date has been set for mid November.

I Need A Key Contact Who Can Review The Transaction And Correct Their Error.

My wife was literally been driven to tears of frustration this morning by their blind incompetence and lack of accountibility. We have very accurate records of the doc requests, timelines kept and errors made at AHMSI. I am looking into legal options to remedy but think it makes a lot of sense to reach out to the REOPro Community for the best alternatives to fix this.

While I expect most to ignore this post due to the lack of interest since "Who cares if another home goes down" but I am hoping that someone in REOPro reads this who knows a way to get me in contact with a person at AHMSI who can fix their mistake.

I know they exist because I know several who can do the same at BofA, Wells Fargo, and Chase.

If anyone has a way to help, I really need to hear from you right away

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Rick, I think it's more of a case of most of us not knowing a key contact, rather then not caring. Have you tried having an attorney contact them?  They can most likely also delay the trustee sale.
Legal adcice and a continued deligence on your part. It is a challenging time hope you make the connection for that clear channel of communication. Use all the social networking sites.
Try Loss Mitigation @ 800-648-9606  or REO @ 904-296-8999


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