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Can anyone tell me of his or her experience with US Real Estate Services Inc. (USRES). Thanks.

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I completed a number of free BPO's for them a couple of years back with the promise of listings when they went REO. They were full of it.

Recently they have begun asking again for free BPO's. I have had to tell them No Thanks. We all should.
I work with them pretty often I always get a listing after about 15-20 free orders.
I started with them and they are a great resourse to learn the ropes with. You don't get paid, but it is education well worth it. you get some listings but for some reason they have stopped sending me BPO's or listings, may be cause I asked them to put me on the Pay portal for BPO's as I wasn't getting any listings and I don't have time to do Free BPO's any more. But give them a try and make your own determination. Good starting point.
I did several freebies for them. I then sent an email to my area rep. He answered and stated that their ratio is 20 = 1 listing. I have since obtained one listing from them in NYC. I have received a number of freebies in the last few weeks.


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