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Hello everyone,

I'm in MA, I have registered with USRES and completed a few free BPO's for them, with the promise that after completing a minimum of 5 I would be considered for listing assignments.  Has anyone passed that step yet?  I don't mind doing some freebee's but I certainly don't want to continue working for free, if that is not a true statement.....


As to CAM, is anyone in a non-competing market who is willing to share some experience/info...???


Greatly appreciated,


Happy New Year to all



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My experience in Southern California is much like Dale's experience.  A few freebies, a trickle of listings then a burst of freebies and now still waiting.  They are a good company and I think it's worth doing the freebies (at least I think it will turn into more listings for me).

Hi Jose:


I am in Kissimmee,Florida which is located in Osceola County. I have been doing BPO's and REO's for USRES for over a year & a half now but they have not sent me anything in the last 6 months. When I first started doing these free bee's I was told it was a 15 to1 ratio, I have done over 60 BPO's and have gotten 3 listings from them,unfortunetly they have all been cheap little listings of 35k-60k prices which does not bring much of a commission and lately they have been telling me that they don't have any inventory in my area.


The people that I have delt with from USRES all have been very nice to deal with which is not always the case with this type of assets. I will also say that dealing with REO's is not as easy as it may seem and can get very expensive,usually you have to rekey the property and maintain the utilities on in your name. With the properties that I have done from USRES, they have done the trash outs and the cleaning of the properties which is not always the case with some Banks and asset managers, some times you have to shell out alot of your many and wait for them to re-emburse you later,some later than others. Good Luck and Hang in there,hopefully you will get something soon.

Thanks Angel, for your elaborate response.

I have been doing BPO's and listing REO"s for other asset management companies for about 4 years now.  So, I am very familiar with the entire process, from A to Z, and all the variables one encounters with each asset and each client.

My concern with USRES - being a new client to me, and given its prerequisites and entitlement structure - was to hear testimonials from anyone who had the exposure to the company and was willing to share its merits and shortfalls.

I am glad to know that USRES delivers as promised, taking into account that workflow will obviously vary in nature and frequency, from market to market, from time to time.

Best regards.

good rule of thumb--don't ever work for free.  How much do you think USRES sold that BPO to their client  for?
Jose - I've been beating around the REO business for twenty years.  USRES is a good contact to keep. I know in my Virginia market they really don't have major business but I'll get two or three listings a year.  Generally I'll complete four or five free BPOs for each listing I get.  Don't throw these guys out.  You may find yourself in need of the business one.
Thanks, Bob, really appreciate the feedback.
They are a good contact to keep. I have done BPOs for them and received a listing on a very popular property in NYC. They are very responsive and will keep you up to date on the activity happening your area.

I know I am in the dark still..I have done 75 free reports in the past year...nada, zilch...NYC and Nassau

Hi Jose I'm in Miami Florida , so far i have scored over 20 BPO for free for USRES with the hope  of listing like you did ,with no REO assignement yet , i send an e mail to  Amanda Honore the person in charge in USRES  and she put my account on hold until i receive a new REO assignement , she send me a nice  e-mail same as the Garret  Mays's comment  explaining  the foreclosure process in florida  , this was a risk that i decided to take , i will keep calling them to see what's happening with my account  and i will let you know .

Rafael, thanks for the feedback.  It's been incredible the number of responses - so far mostly positive ones - received in reference to USRES and the way the company conducts business in the BPO/REO world.

I am continuing to accept their solicitation to provide free BPO's, hopefully soon I'll find a listing assignment in my inbox....

Any time Jose,  go ahead ,  like i told you it's a risk but in my opinion it's worth.

did you ever get that listing?


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