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Does anyone know what's going on with UTLS? They used to be good at paying but they haven't sent a check in months. No response from e-mails and the vendor hotline goes straight to voice.This happened a few years back when they were Land America and went out of business. Hmmm...

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I can't even get into the login page, their webpage closes Internet Explorer. Very Strange.
They're done.
What do you know?  Have you heard from anyone over there?  They told me that they moved their site and would be notifying agents when they are ready to handle BPOs again.  It doesn't sound good!!
Well I hope thats what it is but they haven't paid me in six months and don't pick up the phone or answer e-mails. It doesn't look good

I have been trying to get paid for months and nothing yet. Keep calling and emailing Jimmy Nguyen his contact info is 949-885-4509 and Hopefully we can put so much pressure on these people to do something and pay us.

I have yet been paid for work done months ago and no response to my emails requesting payment.

I received an email from UTLS asking me to complete a bpo in my area.  I told them not until I am paid on services rendered from 2011.  I received an email back from them stating the email below is where all requests for payments should be sent.  Any had any success with this email?


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