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Just wanted to start another discussion about BPO Companies to STAY away from.  UTLS Default has not paid me for almost 10 months.

I keep getting the runaround.  No one ever answers the phone or a voice mail. No one replies to emails or in the rare occassion I get a response it is the same one. Their system was interrupted and checks going on Friday.  Thanks for your patience. 


What do you as Broker's think we should do? Threaten to notifiy all of their clients of their lack of paying? Better Business Bureau?


Would love your input.


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I agree with this. I have several unpaid BPO's going back to January for UTLS.  No luck getting through to anyone on their end to try and get paid.

Moved them to my 'Do Not Do' list.

I had to fight,kick, and scream for them to pay me some of the fees owed. I am still out $350.00. I am very upset and will be on board if you decide to complain. - Just not sure how much time I can dedicate to this since I put so much in trying to get paid. --my email is:  or feel free to contact me if you like: 408-781-5775

Hi Jamie and Joe, 


I am so very sorry that UTLS has done this to you too.  I am owed a little over 1300 for reports that they needed asap. in Oct, Nov of 2010. 


I just don't think they should get away with this any longer.  I am willing to give up the money just so that no other brokers get burned by them.  I will keep you both posted as to what I plan next.  

Email me directly so I can include you in some emails regarding UTLS.  


I just went over my list of paid not paid bpo's and noticed I haven't received a payment from them for bpo's completed in March.  Interesting item is that I was asked to become part of there preservation network which I deleted the email for.

I have been working for UTLS and it's FKAs for about 5 years.  They also paid until about July 2010.  In January, 2011 they sent checks to make up all of 2010.  That is the last payment I received and I worked doing BPOs for them through July, 2011.  They owe me over $6000.  I have been asured by all that work there that the checks will be coming and that they went to a 90-120 day pay cycle.  I haven't worried about it because that is what they said before and they did pay me. 

However, now I am concerned.  They haven't had any orders in my area since July.  As of today, their web site is down and the phone numbers are disconnected.


A couple of years ago they went Bankrupt and there was a class action suit.  I was contacted by those attorney's but I wasn't owed anything at that time so I didn't get involved.

I am definitely interested in being involved  in a recovery effort.  My email is

I just tried calling them and it looks like all the numbers I have all the mail boxes area full. great guess I won't be getting paid on them.  Good thing it was only $135.
They owe me over 1500. Their agent login page doesn't work today. Anyone experience this? This is the same pattern as before when they were Land America and went belly up. Think it's happening again.

Just an update!  UTLS has now disabled my log in info and does not recognize any email address.  It looks like the company is probably out of business now.  They were suppose to be at Five Star in Dallas this week and there weren't.


I will keep you all posted if I hear anything about them!


Check your mail for a bankruptcy notice
I haven't seen anything can you forward a copy of yours if you have gotten one?

Haven't got one yet but this just what happened with LA. I wouldn't be suprised if they resurfaced under another name


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