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About to date myself. I use to handle VA listings back when Ocwen was the vendor of choice for the VA. Then Countrywide took them over. I made Countrywide mad by telling them one of their procedures was not legal in the State of Virginia.  They solved the problem by giving my listings to another broker.  Now,  to the current time...anyone know which asset management firms handle VA properties now.  Appreciate any direction.

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I found the answer very quickly by searching for VA REO. On the VA WEBSITE, it says right there -

VRM is the asset management company that took over from BOA.  I listed a few VA properties in CA and BOA was the asset management company handling them then the contract was awarded to VRM.  I was signed up with VRM but nothing.  Good Luck.

Thanks.  I'm seeing some real off the wall folks handling them in my area.  I figured based on what I was seeing that VRM was actually contracting it out to another 3rd party.  But, our government at work.

VRM handles the VA assets now, just do a search and there is a place where you can register.

I too had a few years of VA properties when Ocwen had them. If I recall correctly, there were 12-14 month stretches with a gap between them. then there was an isolated spurt of 2 or 3 properties before BoA (countrywide) took over. I still remember trying to get a 40-60 page fax to go through to Ocwen without error. Did a few with Bank of America, too.  That was not so much fun.  VRM is the BEST. Their system was not entirely glitch free in fall of 2012 when the VA deluge hit them, but it was workable and has improved greatly.

I have (or have had in the past year) REO listings on 5 platforms and VRM has the best organized and easiest to work on. Everything makes sense and the format is mostly intuitive. VRM's REO Broker Course, possibly still called A-REO Certification is the best online course of its kind for initial orientation into REO. It can also be a good refresher course. Might even help you get a foot in the door for VA listings? 


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