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Valuation Partners Sent a ton of orders Yesterday and Today! Sign up with them...

Hello ALL

All of our brokers saw unprecedented BPO order volume coming out of Valuation Partners Yesterday and Today (1/23) They may have signed on a new client and are probably trying to put a good foot forward, VP always sends in waves but this was riduculous...Some of agents said it was a record haul. I am Just curious if you saw the same and what part of the country you're in?..If you are not signed up with them, please sign up with them! -

Here is the link to sign up...


Joey Singh
Business Development

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Valuation Partners will have a burst this upcoming week - 4/1-4/12

How do you get to list the zip codes.....

call me and I'll show you,  I can do a screen share with you  

That is not good. I will hold off signing up with them until more positive feedback is received on their payment schedules.

Holly Tipping

Accounts Payable

Real Estate Valuation Partners



Unfortunately you have to do that sometimes with certain vendors 

Do you still work with them and if so what is their payment schedule like?

I think I completed 3 BPOS for them when they just started 3-4 years ago and nothing since. Even if the send an order once every blue moon, its already taken by the time you login.


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