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Has anyone worked for Valuation Vision and not been paid. i did BPO's starting in Feb and have not been paid.

Called and they said they were acquired by another company and were behind and catching up.

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I have orders from Feb also. I called today and they said the same thing and that they were paying every two weeks to try and catch up. Offered if I wanted to not complete current order until I get paid. I told them I will complete this one, but no more until paid.

I am in the same position.  I did a couple back in Jan and Feb and have also yet to be paid.  I certainly won't be doing any more work for this company based upon my situation and based upon what others have said about this company and lack of payment. 

They have been telling me for 30 days that it will be 7-10 days and they were bought out by Zaio from Canada, I did look it up and it does say that happened April 14th 2014. Their fee is low of $35.00 for a drive-by and $15.00 for a desk top. I told them they have 48 hours to send me a check number or I will file with the attorney generals office. Tic Toc Tic Toc

you ask for more $$ and if they say NO you walk away, I never do anything for 35.00

I have done orders for them since Feb and have not been paid. The offered a fee of 45.00 for drive by and 55.00 for interior. I only took those close to my house. That makes no difference since they don't pay. They are giving the same excuse as Mark to Market that because of acquisition, they are behind in paying by a couple of months. The person I spoke with took my name and said she would expedite my pay. Unfortunately I have heard this before from evalonline and M2M, I told them I will not take any more orders until I get paid for the ones I have done since Feb.  

Aquisitions and mergers are a good thing to here about.  Never got paid from a company called inspection port on a couple of orders about $200.00.  I never worked with them again.  The problem with mergers or aquisitions/buyouts, is that in most cases neither party whether the buyout included liabilities in the take over, wants to take responsibility of the debt and your left hanging.  Not to mention they start to eliminate agents and make up stupid reasons to eliminate and those are the agent that they don't care if they get paid and are still waiting for payment.  For those that got paid so far from Valuation Vision were probably lucky because they started a complaint with the right officials sometime back. But, as time goes on, it will get much much harder for the more recent liabilities to agents to get payment as this company is finalizing the aquisition and closes their doors.  I think its a NEW ALERT for agents to be more cautious in their business and do more research on the companies they are dealing with.  Its know different than writing a listing/selling contract, all parties are responsible for their own dual delegence.  Therefore, my advice, is to start asking these companies way ahead of time if they are part of an aquisition so you know to accept or not.

InspectionPort is a platform used by several BPO companies who pay you separately. Antoinette - You might want to check which company ordered the BPOs. InspectionPort usually then charges you a fee for each BPO you do on their platform. One of the companies that uses this platform is Landsafe which orders Bank of America BPOs.

Yes I know that, it was actually the vendor within Inspection port who did not pay.  The problem is, in my eye's company's like Inspection Port or Realty Prox or..or...or, know these vendors run sleezy business's and do not warn agents just to keep collecting the fee's.  That's why agents should not pay these kinds of fee's when there are bpo companies out there that don't charge you.  Think about it, your paying $20/$30 a month to get maybe 1/2 a dozen BPO's if you lucky anymore, as they are all giving less and less work these days at the same time these vendors keep reducing your fee's.  Therefore, you are actually doing FREE BPO'S, you may as well just stick your head in the mop buck because thats all agents are to them a used mops (figurely speaking).


I guess there's Hope.

I am on my 3rd 7-10 rush payment, lol, they are not from 2013 however, so I will check my mail in 2015

I had completed one around first part of Jan, and received payment in April. I called and called. They gave me the story that they mailed it. "last week", they told me this for 3 weeks. I talked to a different rep each time. Not doing an order for them again.

They owe me a lot from 2013!  Keep saying they are trying to catch up.  Ive turned down dozens and dozens of orders from them over the last 5 months because of that. Darn---wish they paid, I would have made a fortune in my areas YTD.


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