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Has anyone worked for Valuation Vision and not been paid. i did BPO's starting in Feb and have not been paid.

Called and they said they were acquired by another company and were behind and catching up.

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YES I have done four of them and they keep sending more to accept!!! No money no accepting new ones. I did not know they were bought out. Wonder why???????

I've been paid for all my outstanding BPOs with them, but I still get an average of 4 emails a day of available BPOs. I won't do any BPOs for them as their pay is too low and it takes threat of lawsuit to get paid.  

I was owed payment for orders from June of 2013 to Jan. 2014. In December 2013 one of the reps who was trying to get me an order said "I see that for some reason we just stopped paying you in July, I'm going to expedite your payment". That was really nice of her, I thought, to save me the trouble of hunting them down.  Then January came and went with no check. I called and got the same story, "we have had our accounts locked since we were under going a merger and we haven't been allowed to pay anyone". I again was told that this merger was complete and that payment would be coming in the next week. It didn't, so I generated another phone call and this time I wasn't so nice. I asked them if they were getting paid their salaries and she said yes. She also then reminded me that she was an employee and not contract labor. They clearly see contract labor as an opportunity to not pay people. So I ranted and shared my feelings about how you can continue to ask people to work knowing they won't be getting paid and then I wished the same fate on her. I also asked her if she knew about the beating their company name was taking in multiple blogs and how everyone is spreading the word to NOT work for them unless you like working for free.  She said yes they were aware of what agents are saying. A day or two later I was trying to log into the system to get a print out of the activity on their site for my account and low and behold, I can't log in.  Seems they did me a favor and removed my access. No love lost there! In March I started receiving my payments. Over the course of the month they brought me current.  While I was complaining to them about not being paid, the rep thought it would bring me comfort, and told me that I wasn't even close to being one of the agents with a larger outstanding payment issue.  I got my $1300 and am happy to be done with them. Oh, those getting the lower fees.. if you call them, they typically will raise the fee right on up to $50 for an exterior. Of course if they aren't paying, that won't matter.

Ive been owed since Dec 13. Yesterday they called and told me they have settled all accounts and everyone is either paid or checks have been sent. They gave me a $100 interior an I told them I was holding off til the check came. They said OK. Hope its not a lie.

It probably was a lie.  I was told a month ago that I would be caught up in 30 days. I am still waiting for payments from December.

I just contacted them and they told me they sent out payment on 3 orders from December.  Problem is they owe me for 14 orders.  Why is everyone else getting paid and caught up and I am not??  Frustrating!! I will never work for them again.

Do NOT accept any work from this company at all it took me 6 months to get paid and I advised them I was placing a lien on the properties I had done I got paid the next day . Do not work for this company period

I really like that!! That's good thinking!

I had the same situation with this company and I got paid after about 6 months (I learned the lesson and not working with them anymore)- at least they paid and in my opinion were diligent to do so. As a professionals in the business I took the resolution of resisting the temptations when I am offered a business opportunity; I evaluate and say NO if it is the case, because the regret is more costly in all ways along the way. Most of the time, what is paid, is not worth the amount of time and efforts dedicated to the this very delicate task that is going to represent pennies for me and big dollars for the intermediary or the asset manager. Have you get one of those responses when you decline them:" Well there is no room for "negotiation"; we have a line-up of agents that are willing to do this for less and even for free...". Whenever you have the chance read the book: "The Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. There are there good advises to buster the self stem and realize that we need to reclaim that we are true professionals.

Hi I did some work for Valuation Vision last fall,they told me that acquistition story then,it took until February to get paid...I had to email them repeatedly but did finally get paid.....

They have been playing catch up for six months. I did work for them last year and so did a lot of agents and they have not been paid either. I get the same response every time I call they are waiting for release of funds from the acquisition. I get emails daily to do work for them but I learned my lesson. I wont do anything anymore until I get paid. I would suggest that you file a claim with the BBB for non payment of work performed.


I just got a note that a partial payment is coming in. I have never gotten suck by a company yet and hope this is not the first one. They are great to deal with, very easy going, great form. They do say the form works better on Chrome than IE - I worked my way around the tick with the repair tab as it messed me up on numerous occasions.


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