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Has anyone worked for Valuation Vision and not been paid. i did BPO's starting in Feb and have not been paid.

Called and they said they were acquired by another company and were behind and catching up.

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Frank, they were real nice too about increasing the fee and such with me but I figure that's because they knew I wasn't going to get paid for well over 6 months.  Their form is a nightmare. I often times start bpo's before I have photos because I have some of the data that won't change regardless of the condition of the property. You can't jump around in the form and are forced to go through it in their order.  Which meant I could never start a bpo ahead of time to get in the static data. I'm surprised at your tolerance for a business that operates like this.

I got a check in the mail on Saturday, that was 120 days, so I have read others are close to a year.

I got a check last Friday. It looks that they are moving (it took me six months and counting).

I am really happy that some of you are getting paid.  I, on the other hand am still waiting.  I have called repeatedly and all I seem to get from them is  ... "we will escalate this."  Still nothing.  I'm frustrated.

see how you have not been paid take it small claims court they will pay i did this 2 times now and they paid.

You need to STOP NOW!

These pirates owed me over $1000, and it took me over 6 months and reporting them to NABPOP, BBB in their area, and the CEO of their new parent company in Canada to get paid. 

I haven't worked for them since.

Search "valuation vision" on this sight for my letter; also you should take a look at

It doesn't matter how easy their form is if you're doing it for free.

I'm also having serious doubts about, having just passed their first round of "excuses why you haven't been paid". Anyone know about them?

i don,t work for them i work for cyprexx and don,t work for msi and mcs they both rip u off if u turn down work for mcs uthey will get rid of your company ,msi does,t pay like they tell you every 45 days form when they put the invoice in.

BPOFulfillment (so they claim) is taking 90 days to pay. I've only been waiting for half a year now to be paid on my remaining 5 bpos. I haven't been able to capture any bpos either. I get the notification and log in within a second and there are no available bpos. Or the other issue is if there is a bpo and I try to accept it it says another agent has 5 minutes to accept. I had been with BPOFulfillment way back when they first came on scene and were Main Street Valuations. Since that time they have changed hands at least 4 times that I know of and not for the better. This last change was the worst yet. I no longer do any work for them along with some of the other companies that I use to do many bpos for.  

I focus more now on getting listings and actually doing real estate.

Best advice I believe is to check here or before accepting anyone's bpo offer. Or if you have to accept it, then check out the company before you start investing yourself in it.

Hello Al,

VV also owed me since February, but last week I send them an email with the promise of writting a letter to the Attorney General of their state and mine (Florida), and I just received a check for Feb and March, and an email that the balance was being sent out and I would receive it in a few days.

It is unfortunate to have to get rude and tough, but I'm only asking for my money that they have already been paid on.

I like their platform and dont mind working for them, but they have to pay much better than at present.

Has anyone been paid, since being told they were catching up?

I was brought current over the course of 4 sets of mailings over the last 6 weeks.


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