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Has anyone worked for Valuation Vision and not been paid. i did BPO's starting in Feb and have not been paid.

Called and they said they were acquired by another company and were behind and catching up.

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I had to call and inquire about payment, they immediately sent a check, I just got a check on Saturday for work without asking.  However I do not do much for them as I DO NOT work for 35.00 or 55.00.  My fees are much higher and they seem willing to pay ---not all the time because there is always some "bottom feeder" willing to work for 35.00 that ruins it for we professionals.  sorry for that comment but that is the way I feel

Im going to kick myself if they end up being fair and paying everyone, as I receive DAILY orders and turn them down. It took me many months to be paid on the last BPOs I did for them.  Cant chance it again---fuel is too expensive to run around for tiny fees and not be paid for 6 months. Send the link to this thread to them. I did it to Broker Price Opinion. Send it to banks, servicers, etc. Hit them at the source of their business.  BPO and places like this give the industry a bad name.

Based on fact they are dolling out dollars and not bringing everyone current, I'd think it's fair to assume current work won't be paid out any time soon.


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